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XR Optics

Game-changing Innovation for Next-generation Networks

The industry’s first point-to-multipoint coherent optical subcarrier aggregation technology

ultimate guide to nyquist subcarriers
ultimate guide to nyquist subcarriers
White Paper

The Ultimate Guide to Nyquist Subcarriers

Coherent optical transmission has delivered dramatic capacity-reach improvement in long-haul and subsea cables. Nyquist subcarriers are a key enhancement to the latest generation of coherent technology. Learn how subcarrier implementations can overcome the drawbacks of single-carrier, high-baud-rate operation to deliver industry-leading optical performance.

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Analyst Report

Strategies for Connecting the Edge: 2019 Heavy Reading Survey

As edge computing redefines the future of data centers, it must also redefine the future of metro network connectivity.

Press Release

Infinera Announces XR Optics – Game-changing Technology for Transport Network Transformation


Music and Networking: Highlights from NANOG 77 in Austin

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Press Release

Infinera Corporation Reports Third Quarter 2019 Financial Results

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Telecom Infra Project Summit '19

Amsterdam, Netherlands
11/13/2019 - 11/14/2019

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Toward a Petabit Trans-Atlantic Submarine Cable

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Register Now: XR Optics - Game-Changing Technology to Meet Your Network Transformation Objectives

Explore Our Solutions

5G Mobile Transport

Infinera provides the industry's most comprehensive 5G solution, leveraging open and disaggregated platforms to deliver high-performance, evolution-ready, and operationally simple 5G transport.

5G evolution-ready
Operationally simple

Business Services

Cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and virtualization are rapidly reshaping the enterprise communications landscape and driving the need for more scalable, secure, cloud-optimized, and open networking solutions.


Fiber Deep & DAA

Build flexible, future-proof, and operationally simple converged interconnect networks leveraging Infinera's open and disaggregated platforms.

Innovative, open, and disaggregated
Ready for anything, anywhere

Access & Aggregation

High-performance application-oriented solutions built on innovative open and disaggregated platforms for access and aggregation applications.

Open and disaggregated
Compact and power-efficient

Core Networks

Don't let emerging applications like the Internet of Things, AR/VR, self-driving cars, and 5G disrupt your business. Infinera's core network soutions future-proof your network to maximize your return on investment.

Open and automated

Intelligent Automation (SDN/NFV)

Cognitive networks are multi-layer, self-aware, self-organizing, and self-healing networks that leverage learning and analytics to autonomously conduct network operations to meet connectivity demands, maximize resources, and increase reliability.

Easy deployment
Innovative app-based approach

Subsea Networks

Unprecedented growth in subsea fiber networks is forcing operators to build and capitalize on more fiber routes, faster than ever before. Infinera's subsea solution delivers every time.

Industry-leading performance
Forecast tolerance
Subsea leadership

Cloud Networking

Leveraging vertical integration and optical innovation, Infinera soutions set new benchmarks in simplicity, scalability, and open automation.

Fast-paced innovation
Open automation

Intelligent Automation


Fiber Deep & DAA

Cloud Networking

Business Services

Access & Aggregation

Core Networks

Submarine Networks

The Science of Simplicity

Your network is the critical backbone of your business, and you need to achieve efficiency and service agility to stay ahead of the competition. Infinera empowers you to stay ahead of relentless, unpredictable bandwidth growth, deploy the high-performance network that new applications demand, and radically reduce complexity and improve customer satisfaction with a network that thinks for itself.