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Data Center Interconnect

Set new benchmarks in scalability, simplicity, and open automation

The constant creation and sharing of video content, the virtualization of 5G infrastructure, and enterprise migration to the cloud are creating relentless demand for bandwidth and fueling data center expansion.

Data center interconnect (DCI) solutions heavily rely on the quality and performance of the connectivity provided by the underlying optical network. This connectivity must have the highest levels of performance in key areas such as high capacity and reliability, low latency, and network agility. DCI networks must also be able to handle a broad range of applications from shorter city-wide/metro networks, medium-distance/regional networks, and long-haul/submarine networks, putting optical transport at the heart of data center interconnect.

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Higher capacity at longer reach

Infinera’s optical engines like ICE6 offer industry-leading performance with unmatched spectral efficiency and fiber capacity, allowing data center operators to connect high capacity over longer distances and lowering cost per bit. Infinera’s solutions also help network operators increase the capacity of existing fiber links by supporting C+L-band, maximizing ROI in fiber-constrained metro and long-haul networks.

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Reduced operating costs

Infinera’s data center interconnect solutions reduce footprint and power consumption through the latest generation of low-power DSPs and a modular architecture with high-density sleds. The low-power DSPs used in embedded optical engines like ICE6 are designed to minimize W/G/km, especially for long-haul links, while coherent pluggables enable lower power consumption in metro networks.

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Enhanced flexibility

Infinera’s DCI solutions are built on an “add-as-you-grow” sled-based architecture. Sleds can be used like Lego blocks to build any configuration of Xponders and open line systems in the same compact chassis. This capability raises the bar of operational flexibility while reducing operating costs. Infinera’s DCI solutions support emerging coherent pluggable optics such as 400G ZR/ZR+ as well as transformative XR optics-based ICE-XR for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications

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Openness and programmability

Infinera’s data center interconnect solutions are built around the principle of hardware disaggregation and implement open modeling and standard interfaces such as Open ROADM and OpenConfig, which further facilitates multi-vendor interoperability and prevents vendor lock-in.

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Ease of operations

Infinera has dramatically simplified network design, implementation, and operations with features like zero-touch provisioning (ZTP), network auto-discovery, Instant Bandwidth, and intuitive graphical user interfaces.

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