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Wholesale Networks

A Network Foundation for Cost-optimized Wholesale Services

Wholesale network operators must evolve their network services and cost structure to stay in tune with their end users. From residential access and enterprise private line to high-capacity wholesale services optimized for carrier's carriers and data center operators, wholesale providers face numerous challenges in the evolving industry landscape, including the cost-effective migration of legacy services to converged, packet-optimized architectures.

Infinera’s solutions architecture brings instantly scalable, always-available connectivity to users and applications everywhere, enabling a scalable and flexible foundation for wholesale service innovation and network migration. Our comprehensive portfolio of access, aggregation, and switching solutions spans low-order and high-order transmission technologies.

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Accelerate high-capacity service provisioning

Leverage intelligent optical control and network management.

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Enhance quality and scalability of offerings

Leverage high-performance packet optical aggregation, switching, and transport.

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Simplify scalability

Scale to 100G and beyond in metro, regional, core, and subsea networks with our optimized solutions.

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Improve network resource utilization

Our integrated packet optical platforms offer common network management, SDN, and automated operations.

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