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Stay Ahead of a Changing Enterprise Landscape

Cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and virtualization are rapidly reshaping the enterprise communications landscape and driving the need for scalable, secure, cloud-optimized, and open networking solutions that can easily and cost-effectively adapt to rapidly changing connectivity demands.


Prepare for the future with flexible and scalable solutions that can grow from a few gigabits to tens of terabits per second, without forklift upgrades.


Rest assured with ultra-reliable platforms that are built on a foundation of hardware and software that will not let your network down.


Protect your communications with products that have been deployed and trusted by some of the world’s most demanding enterprise organizations.

Unlock the Revenue Potential of Existing PON Access Infrastructure

Bring high-capacity 25G-200G services to existing PON access networks to complement existing lower-capacity residential/small enterprise services. Infinera’s unique PON Overlay solution solves the challenge of supporting high-speed coherent optics over single fiber infrastructure.

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Press Release

CenturyLink and Infinera Support One of the World’s Fastest Temporary Networks at SC18

“A scalable, agile, and low-latency infrastructure plays a critical role in addressing the demanding and ever-increasing connectivity requirements of high-performance computing and the global research and education community. We are pleased to work closely with Infinera to deliver terabit-scale capacity for SCinet, underscoring our commitment to serving the needs of these customers.” - Andrew Dugan, Chief Technology Officer, CenturyLink.

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