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Access and Aggregation

Delivering High-capacity and Advanced Automation
to the Edge of Your Optical Network

Meet the demanding capacity and performance demands of access and aggregation networks with point-to-multipoint coherent optics, autotuneable plugable optics and environmentally hardened DWDM platforms.


Application-optimized functionality provides differentiated network performance in areas like 5G, DAA, wholesale, and business services.
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Unique point-to-multipoint optics

Radically reduce the cost of your metro networks with XR optics. Eliminate unnecessary hardware and bring a new level of automation to your network.

Compact and power-efficient

Best-in-class low power consumption, coupled with high-density design, enables fiber deep optical networking in demanding locations.
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Unlock the Revenue Potential of Existing PON Access Infrastructure

Bring high-capacity 25G-200G services to existing PON access networks to complement existing lower-capacity residential/small enterprise services. Infinera’s unique PON Overlay solution solves the challenge of supporting high-speed coherent optics over single fiber infrastructure.

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Experience Infinera

Learn how the innovation and intelligence of Infinera networks can provide amazing experiences for your customers and your business.

Access and aggregation networks are facing relentless pressure to cost-effectively expand capacity to meet the ever-rising bandwidth demands from end users. This is driving DWDM ever deeper into access networks and even coherent 100G pluggable optics closer and closer to the edge of the optical network. Innovations such as autotuneable DWDM pluggable optics and point-to-multipoint coherent pluggable optics are revolutionizing access and aggregation networks.

Driven by Infinera’s Advanced Coherent Optical Engines and Subsystems, our portfolio is changing the way network operators deliver services and scale capacity in their access and aggregation networks.