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Submarine Networks

Rise to the Challenge

Unprecedented growth in fiber networks is driving operators to build more submarine network capacity than ever before. Infinera’s submarine network solution delivers industry-leading optical performance and forecast tolerance to provide cable operators with the lowest total cost of ownership on all cable types.

Industry-leading performance

Infinera’s Infinite Capacity Engine consistently delivers the industry’s highest performance in terms of submarine capacity-reach.

Forecast tolerance

Infinera’s integrated platforms mean simpler deployments. When combined with our unique Instant Bandwidth™ solution, capacity can be activated or redirected in minutes, not months.

Submarine leadership

Infinera has a nine-year pedigree of leading-edge submarine network solutions. In an era of open cable systems, we ensure a reliable, on-time deployment that scales with your bandwidth needs.

The submarine networks that underpin our globally connected communications and entertainment networks are now capable of delivering colossal levels of bandwidth over huge distances. The latest fifth-generation coherent optics bring advanced functionality and leading optical performance, pushing the boundaries of submarine network design and in many cases exceeding the design expectations of the cable.

Driven by Infinera’s Advanced Coherent Optical Engines and Subsystems, our portfolio is changing the way network operators interconnect our global communications networks.

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Experience Infinera

Learn how the innovation and intelligence of Infinera networks can provide amazing experiences for your customers and your business.