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Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC)

Hundreds of Advanced Optical Functions in a Tiny Package​

Infinera pioneered photonic integration with the industry’s first large-scale PIC in 2005 and continues to lead the industry with its sixth-generation PIC in ICE6. Leveraging high-performance indium phosphide (InP), Infinera’s PICs integrate a wide range of optical functions on a single chip. This reduces cost, footprint, and power consumption while improving performance and reliability. In addition, Infinera has invested heavily to build its own state-of-the-art indium phosphide PIC fab and is the only equipment manufacturer to have done so. In addition to the obvious cost advantages of this vertical integration, it enables fast redesigns for optimized performance, tight quality control, and a faster ramp to volume for new technologies and products such as our sixth-generation Infinite Capacity Engine (ICE6).

Photonic Computing - Futuristic Background


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High-performance InP​

Integrates components to deliver hundreds of functions that enable up to 800G per wavelength​.

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Fine-grained carrier control enables operation over any line system​.

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Efficient super-channels reduce fiber complexity while increasing fiber efficiency​.

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Routable and sliceable ​

Route N x 100G circuits within a super-channel in any direction over any distance with individual coherent modulation profiles​.

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