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Enabling High-performance Coherent Networking


High Performance and Design Simplicity

Leveraging a monolithically integrated indium phosphide photonic integrated circuit (PIC), Infinera’s ~150 Gbaud transmit-receive optical sub-assembly (TROSA) sets a new industry record in the high-density integration of discrete functions into a single submodule, including PIC, radio frequency application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), and thermoelectric cooling.

Infinera’s ICTR140 TROSA is designed to easily integrate into digital coherent optics (DCO) transceiver or transponder designs, as well as very high-density coherent line card designs. The assembly consists of a hermetic package containing all the coherent Tx and Rx optics with a digital control interface. The device has built-in memory and controller and can be tuned across the full C-band, with flexible grid support. The optical performance is well suited for metro/regional/long-haul networks in colorless applications.

TROSA right view


  • High-density integration of discrete functions into a single submodule, including PIC, radio frequency ASIC, and thermoelectric cooling
  • High performance with up to 150 Gbaud, 0 dBm, low out-of-band noise for successful deployment over colorless ROADM architectures, high transmit OSNR, and high receive sensitivity


  • Easy integration: deploy quickly into 800G DCO transceivers or transponders. Suitable for QSFP-DD800, OSFP, or CFP2-DCO as well as high-density coherent line card designs
  • High efficiency: low power consumption, compact footprint, and high reliability
  • High-volume manufacturability: for deployment in both coherent pluggables and embedded optical engines
  • Deployment flexibility: Metro, regional, and long-haul performance with support for a large number of ROADM cascades and colorless, directionless configurations

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