Infinera: Network Automation and Cognitive Networks
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Network Automation

Increase Service Velocity While Driving Down Cost and Complexity

With self-aware, multi-layer, self-organizing, and self-healing networks that leverage learning and analytics to autonomously conduct network operations, Infinera's cognitive networking solutions can help meet connectivity demands, reduce operational effort, maximize network resources, accelerate time to revenue, and increase network reliability.

Maximize efficiency

Maximize efficiency

For networks and operations with industry-leading multi-layer, multi-vendor, and multi-domain service activation.

Innovative app-based approach

Simplify the realization of true network automation using easy-to-deploy modular and discrete apps.

Raise network intelligence

Leverage the power of data analytics and machine learning to enable intent-based networks.

Experience Infinera

Learn how the innovation and intelligence of Infinera networks can provide amazing experiences for your customers and your business.