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Eliminate Thousands of Hours in Access Network Deployments

Infinera's Auto-Lambda feature provides a game-changing solution in deploying access and aggregation networks. It enables network operators to simply plug DWDM optics into aggregation and access nodes, and the system automatically tunes each of the optical signals to the appropriate wavelength. The result is a dramatic reduction in the number of truck rolls and the amount of effort required to deploy high-capacity access and aggregation networks, and a simultaneous reduction in deployment and configuration errors.

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Self-tuning SFP+

Automatically tunes both ends of optical circuits.

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Host-agnostic solution

Standard SFP+ form factor enables support for a wide variety of network configurations.

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True plug-and-play operation

Fully automated operation once the two ends are connected.

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Less effort, fewer errors

Automatic configuration dramatically reduces deployment effort and minimizes deployment errors.

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