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Our world today is enriched by the cloud, and the cloud is growing rapidly. Consumer services and business applications are all migrating to the cloud, driving explosive growth in data centers and demand for high-capacity data center interconnection.

The Infinera Cloud Xpress is a family of purpose-built, optimized platforms designed for point-to-point hyperscale bandwidth interconnect applications, and used by cloud service providers, Internet content providers, Internet exchange service providers and other large-scale data center operators. The Cloud Xpress family includes three different models with a mix of 10 GbE, 40 GbE and 100 GbE client interfaces.

Cloud Xpress leverages Infinera’s unique Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) technology to support up to one terabit per second (1T) of input and output bandwidth in just two rack units (2RU) with very low power. Each Cloud Xpress system delivers a 500 gigabits per second (500G) super-channel of wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) line-side bandwidth over 150 kilometers (km) without any need for additional multiplexers or amplifiers, and up to 600 km with an amplified line system.

Cloud Xpress enables efficient scaling with simple provisioning and open interfaces to plug into existing cloud provisioning systems using open SDN application programming interfaces (API). Instant Bandwidth allows the activation of WDM bandwidth in 100G increments via a few clicks of a mouse, enabling rapid scale to meet continued customer demands. Multiple Cloud Xpress systems can be stacked and managed as a single node, providing up to 8T on a single fiber pair.

To complement the Cloud Xpress, Infinera also offers the XT-500, which provides a compact WDM interconnect solution for longer distances up to 4,000 km, and the XTM Series, which enables metro data center interconnect solutions with multiprotocol support for a wide range of small to large enterprises and cloud-based businesses.