Video: Cloud Xpress 2 - Raising the Bar
Introducing the second generation of Cloud Xpress, raising the bar for data center interconnect
Application Note: Secure Metro Cloud Fabric
Using Cloud Xpress 2 to meet the scaling demands of cloud networks, simply, efficiently, securely
Video: Cloud Xpress 2 Optical Leadership
With the Infinite Capacity Engine, Cloud Xpress 2 delivers cutting edge optical performance
Brochure: The Cloud Xpress Family
Unmatched choice and flexibility in compact DCI, from 100 Gb/s to 27.6 Tb/s
Video: Cloud Xpress, Simplest DCI Solution
Plug-and-play high-capacity DCI, from unboxing to live service in 20 minutes

The world is migrating to the cloud. Cloud services are booming, cloud-based content providers are expanding, and enterprises are adopting hybrid cloud strategies. Cloud growth drives tremendous demand for high-capacity data center interconnect (DCI) that scales simply, efficiently and securely.

The Infinera Cloud Xpress Family is purpose-built to meet these challenges, delivering DCI with:

  • High capacity with rapid scalability
  • Simplicity and automation
  • Space and power efficiency
  • Built-in security with support for in-flight wire-rate data encryption
Jay Pabley, VP, Global Network Architecture at Equinix
Jay Pabley, VP, Global Network Architecture at Equinix said, “Cloud Xpress is an ideal solution for us to scale bandwidth in our Hong Kong and Tokyo networks and enhance our ability to connect our customers. Cloud Xpress is extremely simple to deploy and manage and fits our high-density, low power requirements.”


The Cloud Xpress Family includes multiple models designed to meet the varying needs of cloud service providers, internet content providers, internet exchange service providers, enterprises and other large-scale data center operators. The first generation of the Cloud Xpress includes four models supporting varying configurations of 10 gigabit Ethernet (GbE), 40 GbE and 100 GbE Ethernet ports for client-side connectivity, and a 500 gigabit per second (Gb/s) wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) super-channel output, all in just two rack units (2RU). The second generation, the Cloud Xpress 2, based on the Infinite Capacity Engine, is designed for scalable 100 GbE DCI over a 1.2 terabit per second (Tb/s) super-channel output in just 1RU.

The Cloud Xpress Family features built-in optical amplification that enables reach of 130-150 kilometers (km) without external amplifiers. Combining this extended reach with super-channel line output, the Cloud Xpress Family delivers a combination of plug-and-play reach and capacity that is superior to alternative solutions, simplifying network deployment, configuration and ongoing management, and increasing reliability.

Art Nichols, Vice President of Engineering Architecture & Planning at Windstream
Art Nichols, Vice President of Engineering Architecture & Planning at Windstream said, “We selected the Infinera Cloud Xpress to provide data center interconnect services to our customers because it is an extremely simple and highly scalable plug-and-play solution.”

To complement the Cloud Xpress, Infinera also offers the DTN-X XT Series of compact WDM interconnect solutions for distances up to 6,000 km, and the XTM Series, which enables metro DCI solutions with multi-protocol support for a wide range of small to large enterprises and cloud-based businesses.

Tony O'Sullivan, Chief Operating Officer at RETN
Tony O’Sullivan, Chief Operating Officer at RETN said, “As we upgrade our networks, we turn to innovators in the industry bringing new solutions to the market first, like Infinera. We are delighted to have successfully deployed Cloud Xpress to power our regional networks in Western Europe enabling us to deliver simple, scalable and reliable services for our customers.”


Ms. Miyuki Tsunekawa, Backbone, Site Operations Division at Yahoo! JAPAN said, “Yahoo! JAPAN’s data centers house a large number of servers so both space and power are limited. The Infinera Cloud Xpress enables the easy deployment of 100 Gb/s capacity in a compact solution with low power consumption, ideally suited for our data center environment.”


Kay Rechthien, CTO at ECIX
Kay Rechthien, CTO at ECIX said, “ECIX needed a solution that provided compact, simple scalability with support for 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) over WDM. The Infinera Cloud Xpress is a great fit for our Internet Exchange environment with its high density, Instant Bandwidth scalability and extreme operational simplicity.”


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