Technical Assistance Center

While we work to integrate the Coriant portfolio into Infinera’s services offerings, we ask our customers to continue to rely on the existing contacts, resources, tools and support teams that you have today. As we continue to progress with integration, you will be proactively informed of any changes related to service and support options or delivery.


Support for Infinera-branded Products

Call the Infinera call center at +1-408-572-5288 or use the Infinera portal:

Support for Coriant-branded Products
(including legacy products from Tellabs, Sycamore Networks and NSN Optical)

For non-critical technical support and hardware service requests, use the Coriant portal:

For critical technical support and hardware managed replacement requests, call the Infinera call center or your assigned local TAC number. For information about local support numbers, please contact your Infinera customer service manager. For all Coriant products – all countries – call the Infinera call center at +1-408-572-5288.