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Compact Modular Platforms

Record-setting Performance in Compact Modular Packages

Our compact modular platforms leverage vertical integration and fast-paced optical innovation to reach unprecedented levels of scalability, efficiency, and open automation for your data center interconnection and high-capacity connectivity applications.


High performance

More capacity, greater reach, lower power, and smaller size - ideal for cloud transformation and network evolution.
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Unmatched flexibility

Programmable by design, with sled-based architectures to optimize your carrier and data center networks.

Fast-paced innovation

Disruptive optical technologies maximize fiber capacity, reach, and overall scale, while simplifying everything else.

Evolution of Compact Modular Optical Platforms

Learn about the rise of the compact modular platform, an open, disaggregated, modular solution where network functionality is broken into small, discrete functional units, and how it has evolved to help new types of network operators improve flexibility, reduce costs, and accelerate innovation.

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Experience Infinera

Learn how the innovation and intelligence of Infinera networks can provide amazing experiences for your customers and your business.