Business Ethics
Infinera is committed to ensuring that there are well-defined and implemented ethical principles within the company as well as in the entire value chain, including suppliers and resellers.
Product Responsibility
Infinera is committed to sustainable development through the use of our products.
Environmental Responsibility
Infinera is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our business operations.
Social Responsibility
Infinera is committed to providing working environments and facilities that are well-positioned for sustainable growth and contribute to a more sustainable community.
Sustainability Strategy
Read more about Infinera’s sustainability practices and strategy.
Sustainability Report
Read more in the Infinera Sustainability Report 2015.

We aim to create a corporation that strategically considers all choices in light of our role in the global community. As an established player in transport networking, we recognize that we have some level of influence in the communities where we operate and in the marketplace. We view this influence as a privilege that inspires us to bold and intentional socially responsible practices. Whenever possible, our hope is to use that influence to drive answerable choices, new best practices and a sense of obligation to the world around us.

Each year we summarize our sustainability program and activities in a report, the Infinera Sustainability Report. Our sustainability work is divided into four focus areas:

  • Social responsibility (philanthropic efforts and ethical labor practices)
  • Resource efficiency
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Transparency and compliance