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What is Compact Modular

What is Compact Modular?

Compact Modular platforms are a new type of optical networking solution used by network operators to build fiber optics-based telecommunications networks. These types of platforms have become increasingly popular for network operators because of a handful of benefits that they provide over traditional optical networking solutions.

The first benefit is that compact modular platforms are built from the ground up with open architectures. This makes them easier to operationalize and easier to introduce into a network, and make facilitate multi-vendor interoperability, which reduces vendor lock in and gives network operators more choices in the solutions that they choose.

The second reason is that the latest generation of products are built using a modular sled based architecture. This enables a single platform to be seamlessly and flexibly configured with a variety of different functions by simply sliding in the appropriate sled for the function that you want. The result is a single platform that can be used to address a wide range of network applications, which reduces operational hurdles for network operators to introduce new technologies and capabilities into their network.

Now, while relatively new to the industry, compact modular platforms already comprised more than 15% of all solutions sold in this space, and they’re projected to grow at more than three times the market rate and become more than 50% of all solutions sold within the next few years.

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  • Compact modular platforms are open
  • Sled-based compact modular architectures are more flexible
  • Compact modular is growing quickly
Published on: February 02, 2022