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What is an open optical network?

What is an open oprical network?

Open optical networks are networks that comprised a number of individual components that can be purchased from a variety of different suppliers and managed seamlessly as a single network. With an open optical network, the network operator can choose from the best-in-class components when building their network. The two key parts of an optical network are the optical line system and the transponders. Historically, network operators would be forced to buy all their transponders from the same vendor that supplied their optical line system. With open optical networks, network operators can buy the optical line system from one vendor and the transponders separately from a number of different vendors, while also ensuring that all these devices work together seamlessly and the overall network remains easy to operate. Open optical networks give network operators the ability to more rapidly introduce the latest technologies into their networks, irrespective of which vendor develops them. This ultimately results in the ability to be more competitive and offer more differentiated services to the market.

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  • 2 parts: Line system and transponders
  • Operators can rapidly introduce technologies regardless of vendor
  • Operators can be more competitive and offer more services
Published on: August 06, 2021