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Watch Your Step - Building a Successful Network Automation Roadmap

As network operators adopt more open network architectures, automation and virtualization will take on a more crucial role to manage complexity, keep costs in check, and delivery high reliability. While many software solutions have evolved beyond simple scripts and templates, network operators are still struggling to broadly deploy the software automation in transport networks that is needed to stay ahead of customer demands while reducing operational costs. But what is holding them back from automating more? What barriers and roadblocks are they experiencing? Is automation worth the trouble? In this webinar, Christian Uremovic will discuss automation in the context of network transformation for modern transport networks. After this webinar you will understand: - The state of the industry and key automation trends - The evolving network automation journey - What YANG data models are and what they are good for - The next software-driven steps to take in transport networks Who should attend: - Network engineers - Network planners - Software engineers For more on network automation visit

Published on: August 20, 2020