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Submarine Networks – Today and Tomorrow

Today there are over 400 submarine cables that crisscross the world’s seas and oceans. They carry public internet traffic as well as private network traffic between hyperscale internet content provider data centers. How did submarine networking begin? What does a submarine cable look like and how does it work? Who owns cables like this and what kind of information do the cables carry? What are the top five trends in submarine networking today and why are they important? In this webinar we address all these issues without focusing on deep technical details, so that the content can be enjoyed by the widest range of attendees. If you have ever been curious about how your data moves around the globe, then this webinar is for you! In this webinar we look at the major trends driving submarine traffic growth and cable design. After attending, you will understand: After this webinar you will understand... • The history of submarine cables • The evolution of submarine cable architectures • The anatomy of a modern submarine cable • The top five trends in submarine networking today Who should attend: • Submarine network engineer • Network planner – terrestrial or submarine • Capacity planner – terrestrial or submarine • Optical architect – terrestrial or submarine • Anyone who is interested in the history of submarine cables and how they work

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Published on: September 17, 2020