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Record-setting 800G Transmission in the Windstream Network

Windstream's Art Nichols discusses 800G technology and economics and the completion of a live network trial that successfully achieved 800 gigabits per second single-wavelength transmission over 730 kilometers (km) across Windstream’s long-haul network between San Diego and Phoenix. Windstream and Infinera set another industry record by looping back the signal to achieve a 700G transmission over 1,460 km. The trial was performed using Infinera’s fifth-generation coherent optical technology, ICE6 (Infinite Capacity Engine), equipped in a Groove (GX) Series platform over industry-standard G.652-compliant SMF-28 fiber, with both signal rates achieving a performance level that met Windstream’s production network deployment standards. Learn more at

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Published on: August 12, 2020