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Quickly Add Business Services Revenue by Leveraging Your PON Network Investment

Passive optical networks or fiber-to-the-home networks are the technology of choice for residential broadband service providers around the globe given their simplicity and cost-effectiveness. While most optical networks are built using two fibers, one for transmit and one for receive, PON networks utilize a single fiber to transmit and receive on different frequencies. As a result of using a single fiber, these networks are limited to lower-capacity shared services. If a network operator wants to address higher-capacity customers, including large businesses, schools and governments, 5G network operators, and cloud providers, they would need to build a new dual-fiber network over the existing infrastructure. Infinera has solved this problem with our portfolio of ICE-X intelligent coherent pluggables. ICE-X has unique bi-directional transmission capabilities that enable 25 gigabit to 200 gigabit services over a single fiber using only one optical laser. As a result, network operators can leverage their existing PON infrastructure to offer new revenue-generating high-capacity business services with minimal investment and no impact to existing PON customers. In addition, these new services can be activated very quickly, dramatically shortening the time to revenue. ICE-X pluggables leverage XR optics technology that segments a single 100 or 400 gigabits-per-second signal into smaller 25 gigabits-per-second segments called subcarriers. Each subcarrier can then be assigned to a unique customer and can be used for either upstream or downstream traffic. And if a customer needs more capacity, additional subcarriers can be assigned very quickly without any truck rolls or additional hardware. To provide dedicated services to a customer, the network operator would simply deploy a single lower-speed ICE-X pluggable at the edge of the network in the customer location. A higher-speed ICE-X pluggable would then aggregate traffic from all endpoints and pass it along to the rest of the network. With speeds 20 times faster than traditional PON technology and the ability to leverage your existing PON fiber investment, this next generation of intelligent coherent pluggable optics can rapidly provide new streams of revenue with minimal investment. For more information visit

Published on: December 18, 2023