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Infinera Sets Benchmark - 83.6 Tbps Data Transmission on Simulated Telstra InfraCo Intercity Links

Infinera (Nasdaq: INFN) announced the successful completion of desktop simulated network evaluations using Telstra InfraCo’s Australian intercity optical fibre. The desktop evaluations were conducted on two simulated links − the 1,240-km link between Melbourne and Sydney and the 3,937-km link between Perth and Sydney − achieving a groundbreaking fibre capacity of 83.6 Tbps and 57.6 Tbps, respectively. These results represent a new benchmark for fibre capacity over long-distance networks and a significant increase in network efficiency, enabling the delivery of more services per fibre. The simulated evaluation was performed using Infinera’s GX Series Compact Modular Platform equipped with ICE7, Infinera’s latest generation of coherent optical technology, and Infinera’s Super C- + Super L-enabled next generation optical line system coupled with Corning’s SMF-28® ULL fibre characteristics. This enhancement substantially increases data transmission rates and overall network capacity by using fibre assets more efficiently. Specifically, integrating these technologies into the simulated Melbourne to Sydney route demonstrates a capacity increase of approximately 53% compared to the current fibre and line system performance. Telstra InfraCo’s intercity network will boost its national fibre network with new fibre paths across the country. The new fibre paths are designed to boost capacity and speed between cities, regions, and remote communities, serving hyper scalers, service providers, and government entities.

Published on: May 16, 2024