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Infinera Open Wave Manager: Easily Support Any Transponder Over Any Line System

With bandwidth capacity demands nearly doubling every two years and the increasing need for supply chain diversity, network operators need to accelerate innovation, improve network economics, and have a greater choice of suppliers. To achieve this, they are increasingly turning to open optical networking, which enables them to pick the best-in-class technology from any number of suppliers. However, the adoption of open optical networking has been slowed by the complexity of managing solutions from multiple vendors. Throw in management standards that are still evolving and it’s no wonder network operators rate operational complexity as their number one challenge. The options to manage this complexity have been either using manual trial and error of settings and features with a myriad of vendor-provided management systems or completely overhauling their operational paradigm with a heavy and complex overarching SDN orchestration solution. Infinera’s Open Wave Manager changes all of that with a lightweight software tool that extracts and combines data from both transponders and line systems in a single screen, simplifying the management of multi-vendor optical networks. Open Wave Manager interfaces with line systems through their management systems or controllers, and with transponders through standards-based APIs. This enables seamless end-to-end network visibility and control in a multi-vendor environment. Open Wave Manager starts by validating the physical connectivity between transponders and line systems. Once confirmed, optical services can be easily activated in seconds across the multi-vendor network, including optimized power settings for each transponder. Troubleshooting becomes easier as well. With alarm data from both the line system and transponders, the system can automatically correlate data to rapidly narrow the likely cause of the fault. With a unified network view, fewer clicks to turn up new services, less manual work, fewer errors, and improved troubleshooting, Open Wave Manager enables network operators to realize the benefits of open optical networking with more choice, accelerated innovation, and improved economics. For more information, visit

Published on: June 29, 2022