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ICE6 Trial on MAREA Trans-Atlantic Submarine Cable Yields Two Optical Networking Record Results

Record-breaking 30 Tb/s Trans-Atlantic Capacity – First Trans-Atlantic 700 Gb/s Wavelength. Over the past few weeks, Infinera has had the opportunity to perform a submarine network field trial over the MAREA trans-Atlantic cable with our ICE6 optical engine, which already leads the industry in terrestrial reach at its headline data rate of 800 Gb/s over terrestrial network routes. MAREA is essentially the benchmark for trans-Atlantic cable systems, as it was specifically designed for high-performance coherent transmission – it is the cable system on which every submarine network vendor’s implementations will be measured. The ICE6 results were truly amazing, achieving two incredible industry firsts. As with all trials like this, we need to be clear on the difference between the “hero result,” which has no additional deployment margin, and the “deployable result,” where there is allocated margin to allow real services to be deployed at this data rate or with this total capacity. In summary: MAREA hero results over 6,640 km: - 30 Tb/s of total capacity on a single fiber pair - 700 Gb/s data rate per wavelength MAREA deployable results over 6,640 km: - 28 Tb/s of total capacity on a single fiber pair - Up to 650 Gb/s data rate per wavelength Read the full details, including an interview wit Dr. Steve Grubb, Global Network Optical Architect at Facebook, which operates several of the MAREA fiber pairs, and Dr. Pierre Mertz, Infinera Fellow and a world-class submarine networking engineer when it comes to optimizing subsea transponder performance.

Published on: January 12, 2021