Application Note: Unlocking SDN Business Value
Application Note: Unlocking SDN Business Value
Infinera's first two revenue-ready applications: Dynamic Bandwidth and Instant Virtual Networks
Brochure: Xceed Software Suite
Brochure: Xceed Software Suite
Learn about our purpose-built, open, multi-layer SDN platform with revenue-ready applications
Demystifying SDN for Optical Transport Networks
Demystifying SDN for Optical Transport Networks
This paper presents Infinera's observations deploying SDN-enabled solutions in Tier 1 carrier networks

Infinera’s Transport SDN solutions bring the power of software-defined networking (SDN) to the transport layer, from long-haul and subsea to metro access.

With customer bandwidth requirements increasing rapidly, Infinera’s Transport SDN solutions are designed to scale bandwidth, accelerate service innovation and simplify optical network operations.

The Foundation for SDN: Programmable Transport Networks

Transport SDN starts with highly scalable, flexible and programmable networks. The true power and capability of Transport SDN can only be realized when the underlying transport network is fully programmable at every layer, from the packet layer all the way down to the optical layer. Infinera delivers unparalleled transport agility and flexibility, combined with automated end-to-end service provisioning from long-haul and subsea to metro core and metro access.

Infinera’s Infinera’s Intelligent Transport Network harnesses photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technology to support super-channels that create large, efficient pools of programmable dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) bandwidth. In addition, features such as packet-aware transport, integrated wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM), Ethernet and Multi-protocol Label Switching – Transport Profile (MPLS-TP), digital Optical Transport Network (OTN) switching, colorless-directionless-contentionless (CDC) reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (ROADM) switching, Instant Bandwidth and FlexCoherent® technologies provide network operators a solid foundation for SDN-based control and programmability.

SDN Solutions

Infinera’s first deployed Transport SDN solution, comprising the Open Transport Switch (OTS) software and the Intelligent Transport Network, unleashed the power of abstraction to offer a real-time on-demand programmable bandwidth service model. This solution’s cutting-edge yet simplified approach was built with an IT mindset and allows service providers to provision and deliver innovative services and automate their operations while enabling optimal resource utilization within a multi-layer network. OTS is a lightweight software construct that offers an open Web 2.0 application programming interface (API), facilitating rapid integration of Infinera’s Intelligent Transport Network into the operator’s SDN framework, including third-party SDN controllers. With OTS, network operators can realize dynamic programmability of optical transport services and resources and use the full set of software-controllable capabilities the packet-optical network has to offer, whether to enable innovative new service capabilities, streamline operations or facilitate multi-layer resource optimization.

Infinera subsequently introduced the Xceed Software Suite, an open, purpose-built, multi-layer SDN platform with revenue-ready applications, unleashing the scalability, flexibility and programmability of Infinera Intelligent Transport Networks. The initial set of applications that help operators to enhance their revenue streams includes Dynamic Bandwidth (DBW) and Instant Virtual Networks (IVN), spanning the optical, digital and packet layers across metro, core and subsea infrastructures. Three Infinera innovations work together to help network operators scale network capacity, automate service provisioning and realize network efficiencies: the Infinite Capacity Engine, Instant Bandwidth and the Xceed Multi-layer SDN Platform, which employs controller functions and a microservices-based multi-layer path computation element (ML-PCE). The Infinera OTS is part of the Xceed abstraction layer, which also supports NETCONF, OpenFlow, Extensible Markup Language (XML), Representational State Transfer (REST) and Open vSwitch database (OVSDB) APIs.

SDN Solution Value

Infinera’s SDN solutions are designed to enable step-by-step migration, with hybrid control of network services and resources using SDN in parallel with Infinera’s existing, proven management systems such as Infinera Digital Network Administrator (DNA). This enables operators to smoothly migrate to an SDN environment without disrupting existing customers, services and revenues.

Infinera’s Transport SDN solutions deliver the following key values:

  • Revenue-ready applications: Through automated operations and better use of previously underutilized network assets, service providers may create new services and cater to a wide range of customers.
  • Purpose-built and open: A rich abstraction layer with open source-based SDN control functions and custom microservices helps operators optimize networks and deploy SDN applications with speed and agility.
  • Programmability: The platform architecture is designed for extensibility, programmability and high availability to support the requirements of real-time changes in transport networks. Service providers can activate and control pre-deployed, terabit-scale capacity quickly and easily.