History of Opto-Electronic Innovation
Infinera has played a key role in the development of advanced electronics and cutting-edge photonics.
Super-channels: The Future of Optical Transport
Learn more about the world's first 500G super-channel technology
White Paper: Photonic Integration
Virtual enables significant power, space and cost savings for long haul DWDM applications

Infinera is the leader in large-scale photonic integrated circuits (PICs), having shipped systems powered by this technology for a decade. This differentiated capability has helped Infinera lead the long-haul wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) and the fast-growing metro datacenter interconnection markets with the regular and optimized PICs respectively.

Infinera has adapted the PIC for newer applications by optimizing and enhancing the photonic technology to fulfill the unique requirements of next-generation WDM networks. Infinera is introducing the application-optimized PIC, which provides 100 gigabits per second (100G) of bandwidth in metro and regional networks.

David Crofts, CEO at Australia Japan Cable said, “Our partnership with Infinera underscores Infinera’s incredibly rapid response but also highlights the value of operating a network based on PIC technology, the DTN-X and Infinera’s unique Time-based Instant Bandwidth capability, which enabled us to deploy software-activated bandwidth incrementally in a very short period of time.”

PIC Diagrams

Infinera PICs deliver unparalleled flexibility and efficiency for customers to build Intelligent Transport Network for subsea, long-haul, metro and datacenter interconnection applications.