iWDM-PON Access Networks

Wavelength-division multiplexing – passive optical network (WDM-PON) is emerging as a preferred long-term solution for scalable, high-capacity access networks. The only way that service providers will be able to cost-effectively scale to meet bandwidth requirements today and in the future will be to use fiber, passive plant, and the dedication of a wavelength per customer. The passive infrastructure will be required to achieve the operational cost efficiencies required, and to provide an easy means to achieve the high scalability, security, symmetrical bandwidth, and centralized architecture that will be needed.

Infinera’s unique Intelligent WDM-PON (iWDM-PON) solution is built on the XTM Series and provides an open, standards-based approach that also helps operators avoid stranding assets and embrace future standards, while retaining the flexibility to expand the solution to include more cell site backhaul and ultimately fiber to the home (FTTH) as WDM-PON technology progresses further down the cost curve.

Infinera’s iWDM-PON approach provides key benefits over time-division multiplexing (TDM)-based PON and other WDM-PON approaches:

  • Auto-lambda technology – self-tuning colorless optics that greatly lower cost and deployment/sparing complexity
  • Highly flexible with operational simplicity – extending existing metro WDM into the access with the simplest self-tuning options to keep operations simple
  • An open platform for any service or bandwidth per subscriber
  • Investment protection – extending current WDM technology deeper into the access network with interoperability with third-party equipment
  • Cost-effective and ideal for enterprise, mobile backhaul and fiber-to-the-curb/cabinet applications
  • Differentiated capabilities – dedicated, bi-directional and symmetrical bandwidth per subscriber, which can be individually tailored and upgraded from Fast Ethernet (FE) to 10 gigabits per second (10G) or more

Infinera’s iWDM-PON solution is also part of the iAccess solution.

Read more in the data sheet: iWDM-PON Solution.