High Density Design

Available space and power requirements are two significant factors for network designers when it comes to metro network deployments. The cost aspects of these two are equally important for those responsible for the operations budget. Infinera has a long heritage of delivering networking solutions for metro networks with low power consumption and high density.

The most recent addition to our density capabilities is a family of traffic units in the XTM Series providing six independent 10G transponder functions in only one slot. These new transponders – known as HEX Transponders – provide unprecedented density capabilities and help operators save valuable rack space and thereby reduce power consumption. Free rack space can be used for revenue-generating traffic units providing other service offerings or networking capabilities.

Below are some examples of our High Density Design capabilities:

With our HEX Transponders
96 x 10G Transponders are
provided in only 11 rack units (11RU).
By using the EMXP III packet-optical transport
switch, more than 400 gigabits per second (400G) is provided per rack unit.
Read more about our High Density Design and Low Power Design capabilities in this Solution Brief.