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Infinera Demonstrates FastSMP™ Network Resiliency
See industry's first hardware-accelerated sub 50ms failure recovery in action
An Introduction to Fast Shared Mesh Protection
Operators can now plan for deterministic network resiliency without the expense

How does Infinera FastSMP™ work?
Infinera FastSMP is a new standards-based resiliency technique for networks to recover from local and network-wide multiple failures without the need to dedicate backup bandwidth for every active circuit. Infinera implements this technology using a purpose-built hardware acceleration chip included in every single card of the DTN-X ensuring a sub 50ms recovery.

If a failure occurs, FastSMP will protect the services in sub 50ms, and then GMPLS technology will start recalculating backup paths in real time, and continuously updating the hardware tables across the network. In this way the Network Planning System, the GMPLS Control Plane, and the FastSMP Processor layer are always synchronized./


What is Hardware Acceleration?
FastSMP[tm] Performance

Comparing Infinera FastSMP™ with alternate technologies
Infinera’s FastSMP technology combines the best attributes of all the current failure recovery mechanisms with a single solution that provides:

  • Deterministic Performance: Sub 50ms recovery via dedicated hardware
  • Enhanced Availability: Automatic multi-failure network-wide backup via network intelligence
  • Lower Capital Costs and Operations: Shared backups via cost-effective transport layer