Carrier Ethernet 2.0

Infinera’s Native Packet Optical 2.0 supports the next generation of Metro Ethernet Forum’s (MEF) standardized service definitions, Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE2.0). The XTM Series’ EMXP family of packet optical transport switches and range of Ethernet demarcation units (EDU), along with the DTN-X family’s PXM packet switching module, are all CE2.0-certified.

CE2.0 brings three powerful and standardized features: multiple classes of service (multi-CoS), interconnect and manageability. The new specifications expand from the three services available in CE 1.0 to eight services – two each respectively in E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree, and E-Access – plus dedicated Ethernet and shared Ethernet Virtual services per type.

Overall, this industry-wide initiative expands the range of services available from compliant service provider networks and will help enable the uptake of Ethernet services by enterprise customers. The Native Packet Optical 2.0 architecture fully supports these services.

One further advantage of Infinera’s implementation of CE2.0 is that customers are able to broaden the service range to extend E-Access services from just point-to-point configurations as defined in the standards to point-to-multipoint E-LAN architectures.

Read more about the role Carrier Ethernet 2.0 plays in the Native Packet Optical 2.0 architecture in this application note Native Packet Optical 2.0.