Ethernet/MPLS Packet

IT and network architectures are being drastically transformed. Scale and virtualization are fundamental trends driving this transformation. These trends are disrupting the old model of hierarchical, functionally heavy, ring-fenced networks comprising several layers of devices, giving rise to a simplified model of cloud services and intelligent transport. Infinera’s Intelligent Transport Network architecture is a judicious mix of packet, digital and optical functions on a single scalable, flexible and programmable platform exposed to virtualized control and network applications via application programming interfaces (APIs) using software-defined networking (SDN).

Infinera’s packet-optical transport solutions offer the right amount of packet, digital and optical switching integrated into efficient packet-optical platforms. These solutions enable service providers to support Ethernet and Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) packet transport, aggregation and service functions directly within the digital Optical Transport Network (OTN) and optical wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) layer. Operators now have access to new tools to enable highly efficient router interconnects and bandwidth engineering capabilities within the transport layer, without having to send the traffic to the router layer for transit. Infinera solutions enable service providers to flexibly switch and protect packet transport at the most appropriate transport layer, and route packets only when needed. Infinera’s Intelligent Transport Networks not only enhance network efficiency but also provide scalable bandwidth and performance for high-speed Ethernet and MPLS packet services.

Operators are increasingly adopting and adding new carrier Ethernet capabilities for business and residential services. With an end-to-end network portfolio enabled by the DTN-X Family and the XTM Series, Infinera can now deliver any Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0)-certified services within the network from core to access on a global scale, managed seamlessly using Infinera Digital Network Administrator (DNA). Infinera’s packet-optical technology is purpose-built to cost-efficiently deliver Ethernet services from access to metro core networks.

Infinera solutions enable service providers to deliver content-rich, revenue-generating services such as business Ethernet, on-demand video and content, cloud services and data center interconnect.