Video: Introducing Infinera Infinite Capacity Engine
See how the Infinera Infinite Capacity Engine delivers the next step function in optical transport network performance
Infinera Infinite Capacity Engine Brochure
Infinera Infinite Capacity Engine offers network operators up to 2.4T super-channel capacity and up to 12,000 km reach in a single small package
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This white paper reviews the benefits of cloud scale network architecture with multi-terabit super-channels and sliceable photonics, delivering over 50% better TCO
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Infinera has played a key role in the development of advanced electronics and cutting-edge photonics

Infinera’s new Infinite Capacity Engine, a multi-terabit optical subsystem, enables the next step function in optical wave division multiplexing (WDM) transport performance. Powered by the advanced electronics of Infinera’s next-generation FlexCoherent™ Processor and the cutting edge photonics of Infinera’s fourth generation of photonic integrated circuit (PIC), the Infinera Infinite Capacity Engine is the first in the industry to offer network operators the combined benefits of delivering optical super-channel capacity up to 2.4 terabits per second and reach up to 12,000 kilometers.

The Infinera Infinite Capacity Engine is designed from the ground up to deliver unmatched transport performance in the world’s smallest package, with extremely low power consumption. This optical subsystem is customizable into various capacities for different network applications across the Infinera end-to-end Intelligent Transport Network product portfolio, spanning long-haul terrestrial, subsea, metro and data center interconnect segments.

The Infinera Infinite Capacity Engine helps deliver the next generation of coherent optical innovations, such as:

  • Multi-terabit super-channels: enabling massive network scale with up to 12 times more capacity than other implementations
  • Sliceable photonics: tune and route any 100 gigabit per second (100G) wavelength within a super-channel or N x 100G super-channels in multiple separate directions, each with its own coherent modulation profile. Sliceable photonics reduce requirements for traffic modules in networks by up to 77% while delivering tremendous flexibility, resulting in up to 53% lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Infinera Advanced Coherent Toolkit: featuring breakthrough technology innovations such as Nyquist subcarriers and SD-FEC gain sharing, delivering up to 60% more capacity-reach performance for submarine and terrestrial networks
  • Multi-terabit encryption: in-flight Layer 1 wire speed encryption, bigger than current industry solutions. Transparent encryption implemented per service or in bulk mode. It uses the strong 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) key and integrates hitless key exchange and cryptographic mechanisms, at the same time delivering 100% traffic throughput

Infinite Capacity Engine

The Infinite Capacity Engine powers Infinera Instant Network, a revolutionary approach to delivering software defined capacity (SDC) for cloud scale networks and building the necessary foundation for cognitive networking. Instant Network amplifies the power of Infinera Instant Bandwidth by cutting the time to engineer and deploy optical capacity from months to minutes, reducing idle CapEx by activating SDC as revenue-generating services demand it and helping to reduce business risk by shrinking the time between paying for capacity and activating services.  Instant Network enables service providers to accelerate service delivery and lower operational expenditures by automating optical capacity engineering and reducing truck rolls.