Advanced Coherent Toolkit for Super-channels
Infinera’s new Advanced Coherent Toolkit enables operators to improve their fiber capacity-reach performance
SD-FEC for Super-Channels
Deliver error-free digital information at extremely high data rates and over very long distances, ideally without the need for regeneration of the signal en route
Coherent DWDM Technologies
This paper reviews the progress in technology and techniques used to increase optical channel capacity to 100G and beyond with a particular focus on coherent transmission technologies
Andy Lumsden, Head of Network Services, Telstra Global Enterprise and Services said, “The flexibility of PIC-based super-channels has proven to be a major advantage in subsea operations, and the addition of next generation coherent processing provides an important capacity boost. These capabilities see us continue to exceed the demands of our customers, and provide exceptional service levels across the Telstra Global Network and North American region.”

Infinera is driving optical leadership with next-generation coherent technologies by increasing the capacity and reach of subsea and terrestrial systems. Infinera’s new Advanced Coherent Toolkit (ACT) enables operators to improve their fiber capacity/reach performance.

Infinera combines large-scale photonic integrated circuit-based (PIC) photonics and advanced application specific integrated circuit (ASIC)/digital signal processor (DSP) electronics, two key technologies that enable the Advanced Coherent Toolkit. The Infinera FlexCoherent™ ASIC/DSP is based on cutting-edge electronics to deliver enhanced coherent processing with low power.

The next-generation coherent super-channel optical performance has already been proven to be industry leading, as validated in a joint field trial we conducted with Telstra on the 9000km Endeavour subsea cable.

The powerful new coherent and soft decision forward error correction (SD-FEC) capabilities are specifically designed to scale to the terabit super-channel era. The results are remarkable, as seen in submarine deployments such as Telstra International’s 4,200 km AAG5 submarine cable from Hawaii to California, terrestrial deployments such as Facebook’s “World’s Longest Terrestrial Multi-Terabit Route,” and lab trials that achieve trans-Atlantic reach using advanced modulation such as PM-8QAM.

Infinera continues to pioneer the next generation of coherent technology and enables operators to harness the maximum capacity for a given reach from new or existing subsea and long-haul terrestrial cable systems carrying super-channels.