CloudWave T Optics

Programmable High-speed Optical Transmission

The escalating demands of communications services and traffic require the cutting-edge technology of CloudWave T Optics, a powerful toolkit that enhances optical layer performance with a combination of advanced digital signal processing, photonic integration and embedded software to enable flexible rate coherent interface support with a line speed of up to 600 gigabits per second (Gb/s) per wavelength and unmatched spectral efficiency. CloudWave T Optics features software-programmable line-side modulation, tunable spectral allocation and channel frequency flexibility and enables operators to tackle unprecedented bandwidth demands, unpredictable traffic dynamics and unwavering service expectations with next-generation flexibility, reliability, efficiency and scalability. Benefits of this industry-leading solution include low power consumption, robust performance under challenging fiber conditions, fast protection, comprehensive performance monitoring and compatibility with existing networks, including mixed services networks and fixed grid networks. CloudWave technology brings a versatile suite of software-programmable photonic layer technologies to metro, regional, long-haul, ultra-long-haul, subsea and data center interconnect applications in next-generation optical transport networks.

CloudWave T Optics, the latest generation of Infinera’s coherent detection interface technology, features the industry’s most compelling pay-as-you-grow approach that enables the lowest initial costs, reduced equipment sparing costs and cost-effective scalability. Key differentiators include support for a wide range of baud rates between 28 gigabaud (Gbaud) and 69 Gbaud, additional higher-order modulation schemes, hybrid modulation modes and enhanced forward error correction. The CloudWave T multi-service transponder sets a new world record in capacity, density and small footprint. Delivering 2.4 terabits of capacity in a compact two-slot-wide sled form factor, these transponders simplify provisioning of 10 gigabits (10G) to 400G cloud connectivity services. The CHM2T transponder delivers double the density while cutting power consumption in half compared to competing solutions, and offers unmatched speed and reach.

Application Spectrum of CloudWave Optics

Solutions Benefits

  • Highest capacity and spectral efficiency with a powerful combination of flexible grid, super-channel and pulse shaping technologies
  • Longest reach on any fiber due to the most robust optical link control in the market and a highly diversified reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer (ROADM) and amplifier portfolio for any fiber and route design situation
  • Bandwidth on demand with easy-to-use software-programmable line rates from 100G to 600G, supporting legacy 50 gigahertz (GHz)/100 GHz infrastructure as well as new flexible grid optical layer
  • Reduced total cost of ownership via industry-leading low power consumption, integration density, highest capacity, longest regeneration-free reach and most sophisticated network planning for tailor-made network designs