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Open Optical Networking

Unlock and Unleash Your Optical Network with Accelerated Innovation Velocity

Open optical networking provides network operators with more choice and enables each function to innovate at its own pace due to the disaggregation of transponders and line systems. Coherent optical transceivers leverage both the silicon performance improvement cycle described by Moore’s law and advances in photonic technology, resulting in a much faster innovation cycle relative to the optical line system.

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Faster innovation

Separating network functions enables each one to innovate at its own pace, expanding the innovation ecosystem and simplifying new technology integration with open APIs, standardized YANG data models, and compact modular platforms.
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More choice

Select the ideal products and technologies for each network layer and domain independently from a broad array of vendors, avoiding the constraints of a single vendor and one-size-fits-all solutions that provide limited scope for competitive advantage.
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Improved economics

Minimized vendor lock-in enables innovations that reduce cost per bit to be quickly deployed throughout the network lifecycle, with customized multi-vendor network designs providing additional scope for cost optimization.
Open Optical Networks

Allo Technology's Nationwide Open Optical Network Leverages Infinera's GX Series

Allo Technology’s Nationwide Open Optical Network Leverages Infinera’s GX Series

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