Infinera is pleased to announce the general availability of the Cloud Xpress 2, powered by the Infinite Capacity Engine, helping operators scale their data center interconnect networks with simplicity, security and efficiency.
In this video, Mattias Fridström, Vice President and Chief Evangelist at Telia Carrier, talks about how the company’s international carrier backbone spreads capacity and connectivity around the world. Fridström discusses the massive traffic growth on Telia Carrier’s network year-over-year, and the need for the network to be diverse, flexible and fast in order to meet the needs of its customers.
Converge! Network Digest asks: What's Next for SDN? While SDN has done a great job of virtualizing services at the higher layers of the OSI model, software defined capacity allows operators to turn up the amount of capacity at the transport layer. From ONS 2017.
Infinera is pushing the limits again with new technology innovations unlocking a whole new level of optical performance.
The industry's first software-activated bandwidth delivery solution shortens provisioning times, accelerates service delivery, and reduces time to revenue.
Introducing 5G-ready Mobile Transport - Listen to Sten Nordell, CTO, Infinera Metro Business Group talk about how Infinera’s Mobile Fronthaul and Backhaul Solutions help you get ready for 5G networks.
Listen to Sten Nordell, CTO, Infinera Metro Business group talk about what he expects to see at Mobile World Congress.
Sterling Perrin, Industry Analyst and Consultant at Heavy Reading, talks about how the Infinera Cloud Xpress 2 meets all the check marks for service providers, content providers, and even telecom operators for their data centers, thanks to scalability, low power consumption, and greater software control and automation.
Tim Doiron, Principal Analyst at ACG Research, on how the Infinera Cloud Xpress 2 productizes the Infinite Capacity Engine in a real-world deployment scenario, making it really good fit for data center interconnect due to the Nx100G capacity, low power, small footprint, and security capabilities.
Ian Redpath, Principal Analyst at Ovum, discusses the unique benefits of the Infinera Cloud Xpress 2, including spectral efficiency, power improvement, form factor, and operational efficiencies based on open APIs that make it “spot on” for the internet content provider community.