XTG Series for Passive Optical Access Networks

The XTG Series is a family of cost-effective, passive optical wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) products. Designed for access applications, the XTG Series provides one of the most compact WDM access solutions on the market. The XTG Series fits in a wide range of applications, from controlled environments in central offices to street cabinets or even underground enclosures such as manhole applications that require environmentally hardened products.

The XTG Series supports point-to-point, mesh, bus and ring-based network topologies and can be used in a number of network scenarios such as fiber to the curb (FTTC), fiber to the building (FTTB) and high-security access networks. The optical modules come in a variety of form factors, including rack-mounted modules for central offices and street cabinets. Modules ideal for use in harsh environments like manholes are also offered.

The XTG Series is fully compatible and interoperable with the XTM Series and is managed with Infinera Digital Network Administrator for XTM and XTG Series (DNA-M) software. This gives network operators a simple upgrade path to fully active WDM solutions. Combined with the XTM Series, it forms Infinera’s iWDM-PON (Intelligent WDM Passive Optical Network) solution.


(WDM) Wavelength Division Multiplexing (PON) Passive optical networks


XTG Series Features and Benefits
Multiple network architectures Supports point-to-point, mesh, bus and ring-network architectures
Network spurs are created containing only the wavelength specific to the add-drop node Increases network security significantly
Single fiber and fiber pair support Extends XTG Series’ flexibility and increases cost efficiency
Wide range of deployments supported Deployments such as controlled central offices, underground chambers or manhole applications are supported
Simple installation and commissioning Easy to learn – rapid service provisioning
No power, no software Reduces cost and environmental impact
1 rack unit (1RU) and 3RU chassis Compact filter housing is ideal in metro access or access deployments where space is limited