Infinera Vibe Series – Disaggregated Router and Switch Innovation

Carrier-class White Box Platform Enabled by Flexible, Programmable Packet Technology

The Vibe Series sets the tone for the 5G era in carrier networks with elevated, programmable white box flexibility. By eliminating the vendor lock-in of hardware and offering the opportunity to incrementally deploy new functionalities through software, the Vibe Series of application-optimized, carrier-class white boxes is designed to enable networks to scale quickly and meet the growing demands of use cases such as augmented reality and autonomous cars. The Vibe Series offers important networking features such as integrated routing/switching, hardware acceleration, advanced timing capabilities to enable a variety of multi-access edge computing (MEC) services and applications as well as support for seamless horizontal scalability while promoting network automation to reduce operating costs.

Infinera’s leadership in the development and service of scalable, ultra-dense and power-efficient disaggregated networking platforms are aimed to ensure carrier operators a smooth transition from traditional, closed vendor-specific systems to freedom of choice in hardware and software deployment. A key enabler of Infinera’s Hyperscale Carrier Architecture, the Vibe Series can provide the foundation for a disaggregated, open networking solution or can be added to a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) white box-based disaggregated networking solution to enable or enhance specific network applications. Infinera provides a portfolio of solutions to assist carrier networks with their migration to disaggregation, including the Vibe Series, Converged Network Operating System (NOS), virtual network functions (VNF) solutions and intelligent control based on the Transcend Symphony multi-vendor software-defined networking (SDN) controller as well as orchestration including network functions virtualization (NFV) through the Transcend Management and Network Orchestration (MANO) NFV orchestrator.

Flexible Software Options of the Infinera Vibe White Box

Solutions Benefits

  • Accelerate network and service innovation by disaggregating routers into best-of-breed hardware and software functional blocks that can be upgraded based on their own renewal cycles
  • Minimize capital expenditure by reducing vendor lock-in, replacing chassis-based routers with disaggregated white box solutions and avoiding large up-front investments in the chassis, fabrics and controllers
  • Reduce operational expenditure by replacing proprietary command-line interface-based configuration with open SDN-enabled automation, and with a virtual POD controller (vPC) that hides the complexity of multi-node systems
  • Grow revenues from latency-sensitive applications with the option to distribute VNFs to white boxes at the edge of the network