Infinera Transcend Software Suite

Elevate Your Expectations for Network Transformation

Transcend the boundaries of your current network capabilities with our multi-layer, multi-domain, multi-vendor software solution. The Infinera Transcend Software Suite unleashes automation, speeds the introduction of new services and supports disaggregated network architectures including white boxes and open line systems. Enlighten the responsiveness of your network and transform your tasks with the seamless end-to-end automation, simplified operations, unmatched agility and customized programmability of Transcend.

The Transcend Solution leads the movement to disaggregation and accompanies network operators as they tackle the challenges of applications such as the Internet of Things and augmented reality, along with traffic growth driven by internet video, cloud and data center interconnect. With state-of-the-art automation, Transcend provides end-to-end service provisioning across multiple layers, calculates optimal traffic paths based on dynamic network conditions and monitors end-to-end service performance. Transcend can span multiple metro, regional and long-haul/core domains and offers support for third-party network elements either directly or via third-party software-defined networking (SDN) controllers. The Transcend Software Suite incorporates a fresh design approach to enable networks to break free from the boundaries of traditional, closed hardware-centric architecture and move toward disruptive software-driven flexibility.

Components of the Transcend Software Suite

Solution Benefits

  • Simplifies operations through multi-domain and multi-vendor integration and visualization
  • Reduces capital expenditure with optimized multi-layer path computation based on real-time network conditions
  • Provides a real-time view of network health and status through highly scalable analytics and a telemetry engine
  • Speeds time to revenue with automated end-to-end service provisioning and activation testing
  • Enables new services leveraging DevOps-style programmability, virtual network functions, closed-loop automation, self-service portals and network slicing
  • Accelerates innovation through disaggregated hardware and software and through open interfaces