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ICE-X Network Demarcation Unit (NDU)


Simple and Highly Available Extension an Demarcation of ICE-X Coherent Pluggables

The ICE-X NDU enables the simple and highly available extension of ICE-X pluggable optics and creates a demarcation point between 100G/200G ICE-X line optics (supporting from one to eight subcarriers) and two QSFP28 100G client optical ports (each supporting from one to four subcarriers). These client optics also support 25G through a 4:1 breakout cable over distances of up to 2 km. This enables ICE-X coherent pluggable optics deployment in locations requiring 100G/25G grey optics handoff.  Through the embedded Virtual Transport Interface of ICE-X, bandwidth can be sliced in steps of 25G up to the full bandwidth of the client interfaces. ICE-X pluggables support encryption functionality, and therefore the ICE-X NDU offers encrypted line-side communication between the remote ICE-X NDU location and the hub node.

Network Demarcation Unit side view


  • Fast and easy commissioning
  • Support for pluggable amplifiers and variable optical attenuator
  • Compact footprint and low power consumption
  • Temperature hardened, ETSI 300 compliant, and low-noise design



  • Maximizes return on investment for existing access and aggregation equipment by leveraging the economics of Infinera’s ICE-X coherent pluggable optics
  • Enables a physical demarcation function and standardized handoff between the ICE-X-based transport network and IP routing layer
  • Enables any ICE-X optics deployment model: point-to-point, point-to-multipoint (16 x 25G), and breakout (4 x 100G) operating modes
  • Supports flexible bandwidth allocation through ICE-X Virtual Traffic Interfaces
  • Enables easy “plug-and-go” commissioning with default port mapping and media conversion settings
  • Zero-touch provisioning for centralized capacity and service provisioning via a centralized management system


42 mm  H x 220 mm W
Max power
Power Supply
Redundant DC or single AC
Mounting Maintenance
Flexible mounting options
 Temperature Range
40 (boot) -20°C to 65°C  
(operational) ambient 
Line Interface
200G total capacity single- and dual-fiber support


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