Brochure: DTN-X Family Product Overview
Brochure: DTN-X Family Product Overview
The DTN-X Family offers multi-terabit network scalability, operational simplicity and superior network efficiency
Benefits of Cloud Scale Transport Networks
Benefits of Cloud Scale Transport Networks
Infinera’s cloud scale network architecture with multi-terabit super-channels and sliceable photonics delivers over 50% better TCO
Brochure: DTN-X XT Series Product Overview
Brochure: DTN-X XT Series Product Overview
Compact server-like meshponders offer high capacity-reach with low space and power consumption
Pushing the Limits Again
Pushing the Limits Again
Infinera’s new technology innovations take optical performance to a higher level
Video: Telia Carrier
Video: Telia Carrier
Infinera’s unified metro and core transport architecture allows Telia Carrier to dramatically increase capacity to meet customers’ needs
DTN-X Upgrade from 5T to 12T
DTN-X Upgrade from 5T to 12T
The Infinera DTN-X permits fast and easy upgrade with no service interruption

Infinera has integrated our groundbreaking Infinite Capacity technology into the DTN-X Family for long-haul terrestrial, subsea, metro and data center interconnect networks. The DTN-X Family supports Infinera’s unique Instant Bandwidth technology, sliceable super-channels, in-flight wire-speed encryption and the Advanced Coherent Toolkit (ACT) for enhanced capacity-reach performance. Sized to fit varying application needs, the DTN-X Family is built to scale in multiple dimensions, simplifying network operations without compromising performance. With the DTN-X Family, service providers experience a flexible and extremely scalable platform that is easy to use, with plug-and-play automated turn-up, software-defined network (SDN)-enabled network intelligence and point-and-click service automation. The DTN-X Family provides a truly simple network and system architecture with high density and low power, enabling service providers to build Intelligent Transport Networks.
DTN-X Family of next-generation terabit-class transport network platforms
The DTN-X Family of terabit-class transport network platforms comprises the DTN-X XTC Series, DTN-X XTS Series and the DTN-X XT Series. The DTN-X Family is positioned to meet the needs of network operators seeking to offer new and innovative services with scalability, flexibility and programmability.
DTN-X Family Common Features:
Large-scale photonic integrated circuits Ensures efficient wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) while reducing space and power needs so that other functions such as integrated switching can be enabled without performance compromise.
FlexCoherent® Enables service providers to select from one of many modulation formats, including matrix-enhanced phase-shift keying (ME-PSK), 3 quadrature amplitude modulation (3QAM), quadrature phase-shift keying (QPSK), 8QAM and 16QAM, with fewer mouse clicks. It provides an efficient reach/bandwidth trade-off with per-channel granularity.
Sliceable photonics Ability to tune and route any 100 gigabit per second (100G) wavelength within a super-channel, or N x 100G super-channels in multiple separate directions, each with its own coherent modulation profile, aligning capacity efficiently to bandwidth demands
In-flight wire-rate encryption Transparent Layer 1 wire-rate multi-terabit encryption that can be implemented per service or in bulk mode.
Advanced Coherent Toolkit Featuring breakthrough technology innovations such as Nyquist subcarriers, soft-decision forward error correction (SD-FEC) gain sharing, High Gain SD-FEC, and flexible channel spacing.
FlexILS flexible grid line system integration FlexILS is Infinera’s open optical line system that enhances the scalability, flexibility and programmability of Intelligent Transport Networks. The integration of FlexILS provides higher spectral efficiency with flexible grid architecture, delivering efficient bandwidth management and flexibility with multi-layer switching. The modular FlexROADM flexible reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer can support flexible grid super-channels with single-channel granularity with full colorless, directionless, contentionless (CDC) functionality. FlexILS is fully open and interoperable with Infinera and third-party terminals.
Plug-and-play automation The DTN-X Family is equipped with open application programming interfaces (API) to enable network-wide automation. Digital automation reduces operational expenditure by eliminating traditional implementation steps (labor-intensive and prone to human error), including hundreds of operational steps, patch fibers and site visits required for analog optical systems.
Embedded network intelligence Reduces operating costs with generalized multi-protocol label switching (GMPLS) technology for:

  • Automatic topology discovery and inventory management
  • Point-and-click end-to-end service provisioning
Open, standards-based SDN interface The Infinera Xceed Software Suite is a portfolio of software solutions that make bandwidth more dynamic and flexible. Xceed combines an open, SDN control platform with modular, commercially deployable applications to enable revenue-ready applications while improving network efficiency. Designed for unified SDN control across metro, long-haul and subsea networks, Xceed complements Infinera’s Digital Network Administrator network management software.
Success-oriented business model for network expansion Infinera Instant Bandwidth enables operators to rapidly deploy and activate bandwidth in 100G increments without having to deploy and install additional line cards in the system. It offers transport operators the ability to rapidly provision additional 100G bandwidth, thus allowing them to differentiate their services by shortening provisioning times, accelerating service delivery, and reducing time to revenue.

Infinera DTN-X XTC Series: The XTC Series combines the benefits of photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technology, integrated packet-aware Optical Transport Network (OTN) switching and the flexibility to address subsea, long-haul, regional and metro networks. The Infinera DTN-X XTC-4 and XTC-10 platforms have been upgraded to support 1.2 terabits per second (1.2T) per slot and more than double the switching and transmission capacity through non-disruptive, in-service upgrades while maintaining the same footprint and power consumption. The new 1.2T WDM modules, powered by the fourth generation of Infinera’s Infinite Capacity Engine (ICE4), can coexist with deployed 500G modules, thereby offering complete investment protection. The DTN-X XTC Series now offers up to 12T of non-blocking switching capacity, and unlike competitive systems, has no tradeoffs between client-side tributary capacity and line-side capacity.


Infinera DTN-X XTC Series

The XTC Series includes the following platforms:

  • XTC-10: 45 rack units (45RU), 10 universal slots, 5T, 12T non-blocking switching capacity
  • XTC-4: 22RU, four universal slots, 2T, 4.8T non-blocking switching capacity
  • XTC-2E: 15RU, 24 interface slots, six optical line system slots, 1.2T (2.4T future) non-blocking switching capacity
  • XTC-2: 12RU, 24 interface slots, 1.2T (2.4T future) non-blocking switching capacity

These chassis deliver a next-generation converged packet, OTN and WDM solution for metro core, regional, long-haul and subsea applications, providing high-bandwidth 100G, 500G and 1.2T WDM transport and packet OTN switching.

David Crofts, CEO at Australia Japan Cable said, “Our partnership with Infinera underscores Infinera’s incredibly rapid response but also highlights the value of operating a network based on PIC technology, the DTN-X and Infinera’s unique Time-based Instant Bandwidth capability, which enabled us to deploy software-activated bandwidth incrementally in a very short period of time.”
Extending the value of DTN-X to Lower Bandwidth Sites
In addition to the common features of the DTN-X Family, the DTN-X XTC Series provides the following advantages and benefits:
DTN-X XTC Series Features:
Non-blocking switching fabric of 5T and 12T in a single bay An architecture that features a separate switching fabric, so transport and switching can grow in any direction without compromise, and offers in-service upgrade to 1.2T per slot or 12T per bay.
24T of non-blocking switching in dual bay With dual-bay configuration, the switching capacity scales to 24T.
Ethernet and multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) capability Directly map Ethernet and MPLS services with quality of service (QoS) from the edge of the network to core transport services, creating a highly efficient packet-optical network architecture.
Carrier Ethernet services Takes advantage of the efficiencies of statistical multiplexing with transport port consolidation. Improves revenues with an augmented portfolio of Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)-compliant Carrier Ethernet services.
OTN switching with ODU0 granularity Optimizes network efficiency by grooming traffic in the network with built-in digital OTN switching.
Colorless, directionless and contentionless flexible grid ROADM Compatible with the FlexILS open line system, which enables add/drop in any direction, for the network to realize its maximum potential.
FastSMP™ Sub-50 millisecond hardware-based protection for various topologies with Infinera FastSMP (Fast Shared Mesh Protection).
Infinera DTN-X XT Series: The DTN-X XT Series introduces the industry’s first small-form-factor, server-like meshponder WDM platforms, which blend sliceable photonics and muxponder functionality to deliver cloud scale WDM along with fine-grained granularity. The DTN-X XT Series is optimized for delivery of cloud scale network services over long-haul, regional and data center interconnect networks spanning hundreds and thousands of kilometers (km), leveraging 16QAM, 8QAM, and QPSK modulations. The server-like XT Series meshponders are developed from Infinera’s learnings from the Cloud scale market and seamlessly interoperate with the chassis-based DTN-X XTC Series switching platforms with their roots in telco networks. The meshponder platforms include Infinera’s unique Instant Bandwidth technology, sliceable super-channels, in-flight wire-speed encryption and the Advanced Coherent Toolkit (ACT) for better capacity-reach performance.
Server-like Platform: Meshponder
 The XT Series includes the following platforms:
  • The XT-3300: delivering a super-channel based 1.2T of line-side capacity for metro, regional, long-haul and data center interconnect (DCI) networks in 1RU. The XT-3300 provides a reach of 6,000 km in an ultra-compact form factor at 600 millimeter (mm) rack depth, with low power consumption and sliceable photonics for a maximum networking flexibility.
  • The XT-3600: delivering a super-channel based 2.4T of line-side capacity for metro, regional and long-haul networks in 4RU with sliceable photonics for a maximum networking flexibility. With redundant controller, 470 mm rack depth, a mix of OTU4, 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), 10 GbE client interfaces and OTN multiplexing, the XT-3600 supports a reach of 6,000 km.
  • The XT-500 delivers a 500G super-channel output with 10 GbE or 100 GbE clients in 2RU of rack space, with low power consumption.

Similar to the XTC Series, the XT Series can be can be seamlessly integrated with the Infinera FlexILS line system and offers support for fixed and flexible grid to maximize spectral efficiency, providing up to 25.6T of fiber capacity. It also helps service providers to take advantage of CDC ROADM architectures. This enables super-channel switching at the optical layer, Layer 0, within an optical mesh network, improving overall network switching capability and thus resulting in enhanced network efficiency. Moreover, Instant Bandwidth technology allows providers to adopt a cashflow-efficient business model in which additional bandwidth can be deployed rapidly with a few mouse clicks when demand increases. With Instant Bandwidth, there is no need to order, install and deploy additional equipment. New services can be activated remotely and instantly proving a faster time to revenue.

The XT Series provides high levels of reliability, low space and power consumption, and operational simplicity. It enables network operators to achieve operational scale while reducing the total cost of ownership of a transport network in high-capacity point-to-point interconnect and mesh applications across DCI, metro and long-haul networks.

DTN-X Extension for High Bandwidth Cloud Scale Networks

Infinera DTN-X XTS Series: The DTN-X XTS Series, powered by Infinera’s Infinite Capacity Engine, is designed to power cloud scale networks for subsea operators. Similar to the XT Series, the XTS Series combines 2.4T super-channels with sliceable photonics and in-flight line-rate Layer 1 encryption in a low-power compact form factor. In addition, the XTS Series features subsea-optimized modulation formats such as ME-PSK and 3QAM, as well as Infinera’s Advanced Coherent Toolkit featuring the industry’s first commercially-available Nyquist subcarriers to enhance capacity-reach performance. The XTS Series enables super-channels to be sliced providing wavelength level granularity, so each wavelength can be tuned across the C-band, modulated and then routed to the appropriate destination. The XTS Series platforms are the industry’s first subsea transport optimized meshponders, combining muxponder technology with sliceable photonics in a server-like wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) appliance. The XTS Series features new subsea software tools like dynamic spectral sharing, which enhance Infinera’s open architecture by allowing subsea operators to partition and monetize valuable fiber spectrum. The spectrum can now be safely and securely shared with multiple customer tenants, independent of both cable and submarine line terminal equipment (SLTE) suppliers. Mission-critical subsea link performance data is available in real time on demand via open SDN application programming interfaces (APIs). Subsea operators can monitor transmission health as well as identify opportunities for capacity adjustments.

The XTS Series includes the following platforms:

  • The XTS-3300 meshponder delivers up to 1.2T of line-side capacity in 1RU and provides enhanced capacity and reach for subsea applications in an ultra-compact form factor at 600 mm rack depth, with low power consumption.
  • The XTS-3600 meshponder delivers 2.4T of line-side capacity in 4RU. With redundant controller, 470 mm rack depth, a mix of OTU4, 100 GbE, 10 GbE client interfaces and OTN multiplexing, the XTS-3600 provides a multi-service platform for subsea applications.

The DTN-X XTS Series interoperates with the DTN-X XTC and XT Series, providing a unified end-to-end Intelligent Transport Network portfolio, and when combined with Infinera’s Instant Bandwidth it allows for instant end-to-end network reconfiguration covering subsea, long-haul, metro and data center interconnect applications.