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The Infinera DTN-X Family leverages large scale photonic integrated circuit (PICs) to deliver multi-terabit flexible grid wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) transport, and in the XTC-series combines it with OTN switching without compromise along with an intelligent GMPLS control plane to offer a combination of scale and efficiency while simplifying network operations. With the DTN-X Family service providers experience an extremely scalable platform that is easy to use with plug-and-play automated turn-up, software defined network (SDN) enabled network intelligence and point-n-click service automation. The DTN-X Family provides a truly simple network and system architecture with high density and low power enabling service providers to build Intelligent Transport Networks.
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The DTN-X Family of next-generation terabit-class transport network platforms, is comprised of the DTN-X XTC Series and the DTN-X XT Series. The DTN-X Family is positioned to meet the needs of network operators seeking to offer new and innovative services with scalability, flexibility and programmability.
DTN-X Family Common Features:
Large scale Photonic Integrated Circuits Ensures efficient WDM while reducing space and power needs so that other functions such as integrated switching can be enabled without performance compromise.
FlexCoherent™ Enables service providers to select from one of many modulation formats with fewer mouse clicks. It provides an efficient reach/bandwidth trade-off with a per channel granularity.
Flexible Grid Line Systems (FlexILS™) integration Integration of FlexILS provides higher spectral efficiency with flexible grid architecture, delivering efficient bandwidth management and flexibility with multi-layer switching. It provides modular super-channel FlexROADM with switching in the optical layer and offers automation with GMPLS-based unified control plane.
Plug and play automation Digital automation reduces OpEx by eliminating traditional implementation steps including hundreds of operational steps, patch fibers and site visits required for analog optical systems.
Embedded network intelligence Reduces operating costs with GMPLS technology for:

  • Automatic topology discovery and inventory management
  • Point and click end-to-end service provisioning
Open, standards-based SDN interface The Infinera Open Transport Switch (OTS) software with open Web 2.0 API provides abstraction to offer a real-time on-demand programmable bandwidth service model. It allows providers to deliver innovative services and automate their operations while enabling optimal resource utilization within a multi-layer network.
Success-oriented business model for network expansion Infinera Instant Bandwidth™ enables operators to rapidly deploy bandwidth in 100G increments without having to deploy and install additional line cards in the system. It offers transport operators the ability to rapidly provision additional 100G bandwidth thus allowing them to differentiate their services by shortening provisioning times, accelerating service delivery, and reducing time to revenue.

Infinera DTN-X XTC Series: The XTC Series combines the benefits of PIC technology, integrated packet aware OTN switching and the flexibility to address subsea, long-haul and metro networks. The XTC Series includes the following platforms:

  • XTC-10: 45 RU, 10 universal slots, 5 Tb/s (12 Tb/s future) non-blocking switching capacity
  • XTC-4: 22 RU, 4 universal slots, 2 Tb/s (4.8 Tb/s future) non-blocking switching capacity
  • XTC-2E: 15 RU, 24 interface slots, 6 optical line system slots, 1.2 Tb/s (2.4 Tb/s future) non-blocking switching capacity
  • XTC-2: 12 RU, 24 interface slots, 1.2 Tb/s (2.4 Tb/s future) non-blocking switching capacity

These chassis deliver a next-generation converged packet, OTN and WDM solution for metro core, regional, long-haul and subsea applications, providing high-bandwidth 100G and 500G WDM transport and packet-OTN switching.

David Crofts, CEO at Australia Japan Cable said, “Our partnership with Infinera underscores Infinera’s incredibly rapid response but also highlights the value of operating a network based on PIC technology, the DTN-X and Infinera’s unique Time-based Instant Bandwidth capability, which enabled us to deploy software-activated bandwidth incrementally in a very short period of time.”
Optical Switching
In addition to the common features of the DTN-X Family, the DTN-X XTC Series provides the following advantages and benefits:
DTN-X XTC Series Features:
Non-blocking switching fabric of 5 Tb/s upgradeable to 12 Tb/s in a single bay An architecture that features a separate switch fabric, so transport and switching can grow in any direction without compromise and upgradeable in service to 1.2 Tb/s per slot or 12 Tb/s per bay.
Multi-bay scale up to 240 Tb/s of non-blocking switching With multi-chassis configurations, the switch scales to 240 Tb/s.
Ethernet and MPLS capability Directly map Ethernet and MPLS services with QoS from the edge of the network to core transport services creating a highly efficient packet-optical network architecture.
Carrier Ethernet services Takes advantage of the efficiencies of statistical multiplexing with transport port consolidation. Improves revenues with an augmented portfolio of MEF-compliant Carrier Ethernet services.
OTN switching with ODU0 granularity Optimizes network efficiency by grooming all traffic at every location in the network with built-in digital OTN switching.
Colorless, directionless and contention-less flexible grid ROADM Compatible with the FlexILS line system which enables add/drop in any direction, for the network to realize its maximum potential.
Fast Shared Mesh Protection Sub-50ms hardware based protection for various topologies with Infinera FastSMP™ (Fast Shared Mesh Protection).
Infinera DTN-X XT Series: The XT uses the PIC technology in a compact form-factor for high bandwidth mesh, hub-and-spoke and point-to-point interconnect applications within long-haul networks. It includes the Infinera DTN-X XT-500 Platform that is 2RU high with 500G line-side bandwidth and a mix of 10/40/100 GbE clients. The XT Series has seamless integration with the Infinera FlexILS™ line system for extended reach and offers support for fixed as well as flexible grid to maximize spectral efficiency within regional and long haul WDM networks. This integration with FlexILS line system also helps service providers to take advantage of the colorless, directionless and contentionless (CDC) reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer (ROADM) capabilities. This enables switching at the optical layer, L0, allowing providers to allocate high bandwidth interconnect traffic to the XT-500 and switch it at the super-channel level across the network over the optical layer. This improves overall network switching capacity and as a result, enhances network efficiency. The XT-500 provides high levels of reliability, low space and power consumption, and operational simplicity. It enables network operators to achieve operational scale while reducing the total cost of ownership of a transport network in high capacity interconnect applications such as long haul data center interconnect (DCI).
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