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Open XR Optics Forum Releases 400G Optical Transceiver Form Factor and Optical Interface Specifications PDF Icon

San Jose, Calif. – February 28, 2024, 8:00 a.m. ET – The Open XR Optics Forum announced today the availability of its initial MSA specifications for Open XR Optics-compliant 400G transceivers. The specifications have been developed through the collaborative effort of the Forum’s transceiver working group comprising 11 Open XR Optics Forum member companies. The purpose of the specifications is to establish guidelines for multi-vendor interoperability and multi-sourcing implementations of Open XR Optics-compliant coherent transceiver modules.

These initial specifications comprise two documents. One specification focuses on form factor-related mechanical and client interface requirements. A second specification addresses optical and electrical interface requirements. The new specifications support the Forum’s mission to accelerate the adoption of intelligent coherent point-to-point and point-to-multipoint network architectures that leverage multi-vendor interoperability to improve network flexibility and cost savings.

The newly released documents include the “Open XR Transceiver Optical and Client Interface Specification” and the “Open XR 400G Optical Module Form Factor Hardware Specifications.” Two additional documents on “Open XR Pluggable to Host Management Interface” and “Open XR Signal Format Specification” are under preparation to complete the full set of specifications for Open XR Optics-compliant transceivers.

All Open XR Optics Forum specifications leverage existing standards wherever possible, specifying differences and additional parameters and functionalities where necessary. The complete specifications, “Open XR Optics 400G Optical Module Form Factor Hardware Specifications” and “Open XR Optics Transceiver Optical and Client Interface Specification,” can be downloaded from the Open XR Optics Forum website under “Documents” here.

About Open XR Optics Forum

Open XR Optics Forum was founded to foster collaboration between its members to facilitate the adoption and accelerate the growth of network architectures leveraging intelligent point-to-point and point-to-multipoint coherent pluggable transceivers. Members will work to ensure the products and services developed align with existing standards and operational models by driving the standardization of network interfaces and electro-mechanical hardware interfaces, demonstrating interoperability, establishing multi-sourcing potential, and developing and publishing new specifications as needed. This will accelerate the wide adoption and deployment of XR optics’ innovative technology by a broad spectrum of network operators in a wide variety of applications. Open XR Optics Forum membership is intended for network operators, network equipment vendors, and component suppliers. For more information, visit


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