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IEEE Spectrum, 1/26/2016
"Our secret sauce is our photonic integrated circuit technology," says Geoff Bennett, director of solutions and technology at Infinera. In 2014, Bennett says, the company demonstrated a short, 1-Tb superchannel made using 10 laser transmitters incorporated into a single photonic integrated circuit. He says future systems should be capable of taking fiber capacity to 12 Tb/s along long-haul networks—and twice that rate for shorter systems used in metropolitan areas."
Gazettabyte, 1/24/2016
"Infinera has demonstrated the technology, dubbed the Advanced Coherent Toolkit, on a Telstra 9,000km submarine link spanning the Pacific. In particular, the demonstration used matrix-enhanced polarisation-multiplexed, binary phased-shift keying (PM-BPSK) that enabled the 9,000km span without optical signal regeneration."
Capacity Magazine, 1/20/2016
"While the DWDM industry has an excellent track record of increasing capacity and data rates over time, the move from 2010 onwards to coherent transmission has delivered a quantum leap in capacity-reach products that will be difficult to improve on in the near future."
Capacity Magazine, 1/20/2016
"An un-forecast subsea transponder might have a lead time of the order of nine to twelve months, whereas a new 100Gbps slice of an existing super-channel line card could be activated in minutes."
Fibre Systems, 1/20/2016
"When the performance enhancements in the toolkit are combined, operators can expect to see an improvement of between 40 and 60 per cent in their reach-capacity metric," claimed Pravin Mahajan, director of product and corporate marketing, Infinera.
Datacenter Dynamics, 1/19/2016
"Telecoms operator Telstra will adopt a new modulation technique on its Endeavour subsea cable system, that links Australia and Hawaii. Telstra has tested the Advanced Coherent Toolkit (ACT) from optical transport firm Infinera, and will use it to provide super-channels that will improve the system’s reach and capacity."
Light Reading, 1/18/2016
"Infinera believes it has cracked one of the major challenges of the optical networking world -- how to increase network capacity without sacrificing transmission distance."
Lightwave, 1/18/2016
"Optical transport systems provider Infinera (NASDAQ:INFN) says it has partnered with Australia's Telstra to validate the capabilities of the systems house's upcoming Advanced Coherent Toolkit (ACT). The ACT, which Infinera plans to offer commercially later this year, is designed to support significantly greater reach for such next-generation coherent transmission formats as 16QAM while paving the way for terabit superchannels through the use of Nyquist-based subcarriers and other advanced technologies."
Frost & Sullivan, 1/7/2016
"We were honored to have a chat with Dr. Stu Elby, SVP for Cloud Network Strategy and Technology at Infinera. Dr. Elby has over 30 year experience in the telecoms, video and data center domains. Prior to Infinera, he had a long tenure at Verizon, where he served as the VP and Chief Technologist of Verizon Labs, where he was responsible for developing Verizon's technology vision and target network architecture to support emerging products and service."
Telecom Asia, 1/1/2016
"The rise of data centers has shifted the focus in optical networking technologies to the metro, and Infinera managed to capitalize on that with its new Cloud Xpress platform, which is optimized for connecting metro clouds – so much so that it won this year’s Optical Network Innovation of the Year."