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Subtel Forum, 11/19/2017
"The cloud market is growing, and the transport network must change from traditional to cloud scale to meet the demands of the data center. Technologies like the multi-channel optical engine and SDN-based software enable the transport network to have scalability and resiliency characteristics like a data center."
ISE Magazine, 11/1/2017
"Wireless operators today face significant challenges as they prepare their networks for the looming re-architecture required to support 5G. The 5G networks of the future promise a range of bold performance targets that will revolutionize the wireless industry as well as many additional industries that will be able to capitalize on new network capabilities."
Fibre Systems, 10/27/2017
"Infinera has set two industry milestones for advanced coherent technologies that take the capacity of optical transport networks to the next level: 100Gbaud transmission and 1024-QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation)."
Telecom Ramblings, 10/27/2017
"In the past few years, ICPs have become a major driving force behind setting new benchmarks in network efficiency and economics.... This article describes the areas in which ICPs have significantly influenced the telecom industry to create a new approach to planning, building and operating networks for improved end-user experiences."
LightReading, 10/20/2017
"Sten Nordell, CTO of the Metro Business Group at Infinera, and Ray LeMaistre, International Group Editor of Light Reading, discuss the latest developments in Infinera's Xceed Software Suite and its Layer 1 and Layer 2 applications."
Lightwave, 10/19/2017
"The company asserts the 100-GBaud transmission is an industry first. Company researchers used 32QAM via multi-channel indium phosphide-based photonic integrated circuits (PICs) integrated with electronic driver and amplifier ASICs to achieve the single-wavelength 1-Tbps transmission."
Converge! Network Digest, 10/17/2017
"Infinera introduced an Auto-Lambda capability to simplify Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) for cable network operators. Auto-Lambda provides auto-tunable 10 Gb/s DWDM automation for optical cable access networks. The capability, which operates over up to an 80-kilometer reach over both single and dual fibers, addresses the need for a "plug-and-go" installation model for service activation."
Light Reading, 10/11/2017
"At the Light Reading NFV and Carrier SDN event in Denver, Craig Matsumoto, Light Reading's editor in chief, sat down with Mark Showalter, Infinera's senior director of software product marketing, to discuss the role of software-defined capacity for optical networks."
Global Telecoms Business, 10/10/2017
"We can help our customers use time as a weapon," says Tom Fallon, CEO of Infinera: the company can turn on bandwidth for Seaborn’s customers in 30 minutes. The close relationship means there is not even any need for Seaborn to touch the infrastructure: capacity can be turned up and down fast, virtually at will."
Optical Connections Magazine Autumn 2018, 10/1/2017
"Where fibre is scarcer, vendors like Infinera offer WDM systems. That loads signals serving all sectors, and the antennae they contain, for a cell site onto one fibre pair. Baldry refers to Infinera’s work with Hutchinson, which provides wholesale 4G mobile services in Hong Kong. ‘The configuration on a lot of cell sites in the network is 18 channels on day one,’ Baldry says. ‘Without WDM, that would need 18 fibre pairs per cell site. You very quickly use a lot of fibre.’"