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Lightwave, 8/18/2016
"Infinera and Lumentum Holdings Inc. say they have successfully demonstrated the ability of the former's Intelligent Transport Network DWDM platform line to interoperate with the latter's white box ROADM optical line system. The test validates the ability of Infinera's systems to operate in an open optical networking environment and opens the door for future collaboration [...] The two companies set up a simulated point-to-point metro fiber network, then ran various combinations of superchannels and modulation formats through the Lumentum white box optical line system [...] The tests showed the ability of the Infinera platform to run up to 19 superchannels through the 20-port ROADM. A fully loaded network using the Infinite Capacity Engine could support 24 Tbps, the sources said."
SDxCentral, 8/17/2016
"Infinera is partnering with Lumentum to offer open, optical transport networking with a white box optical line system. This marks new territory for both companies. The two companies validated Infinera’s photonic integrated circuit (PIC)-based platforms over Lumentum’s white box optical line system, conducting the tests at Infinera’s facilities in Sunnyvale, California. The test validated the white box’s ability to multiplex, amplify, transport, de-multiplex, and hand traffic back to Infinera’s terminals on both ends of a fiber optic cable."
Light Reading, 8/17/2016
"[O]ptical systems vendor Infinera Corp. has teamed up with components specialist Lumentum Holdings Inc. to show how metro transport networks can also benefit from the programmable networks trend. The two companies have been stitching together their products in Infinera's labs to show that the system vendor's existing and upcoming products can work in harmony with Lumentum's optical white box products [...] According to the two companies, their tests have shown that Infinera's portfolio of DWDM systems -- from its current DTN-X, Cloud Xpress and XTM product families to its upcoming Infinite Capacity Engine platform -- can interoperate with Lumentum's optical white box ROADM, which incorporates open interfaces that enable SDN management."
Lightwave, 8/16/2016
"Infinera says it has completed a successful deployment of its DTN-X XTC Series across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) submarine network. The upgrade provides connectivity with MENA's existing terrestrial network and enables MENA to rapidly deploy increments of 100 Gbps of bandwidth to differentiate services and manage costs as the network capacity scales [...] According to Nick Walden, senior vice president of EMEA at Infinera, the network's new upgrade will allow MENA to provide differentiated wholesale international capacity in its market while supporting future economic growth of the Mediterranean and Middle East markets with on-demand scale and efficiency."
Compound Semiconductor, 8/16/2016
"Infinera, a provider of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) and networks based on the technology, has announced the successful deployment of the Infinera DTN-X XTC Series across Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Submarine Cable System's subsea network [...] The Infinera DTN-X XTC Series integrates the subsea network connecting the Mediterranean and Middle East regions with MENA's existing Infinera terrestrial network. With the DTN-X XTC-10, MENA can deploy increments of 100 Gb/s of bandwidth via 500 Gb/s super-channels today and supports a forward scale design to provide terabit super-channels in the future.", 8/10/2016
"Last year, networking-systems firm Infinera in Sunnyvale, California, sent single-wavelength signals at 150 gigabits per second through a large-area fibre for 7,400 kilometres — more than 3 times the distance possible with a standard fibre, and easily enough to cross the Atlantic. They also transmitted 200-gigabit-per-second signals a shorter distance [...] Video cached at a local data centre is what allows viewers to fast-forward as if the file was stored on a home device, says Geoff Bennett, director of solutions and technology for Infinera. But the proliferation of these data centres is also one of the biggest drivers of bandwidth demand, he says: vendors' efforts to synchronize private data centres around the world now consume more bandwidth than public Internet traffic."
Telecom Asia, 7/27/2016
"As the Asia-Pacific telecoms sector hurtles towards the coming digital economy driven by the Internet of Things and eventually 5G, the foundation for it all will be packet-optical technology, the cloud and virtualization. That was the central theme of Telecom Insight 2016, a half-day conference hosted by Infinera in Kuala Lumpur last week that covered a wide range of technology topics – mobile fronthaul, business Ethernet, hybrid cloud and SDN – unified by the message that a next-gen optical infrastructure is required to support all of them."
Lightwave, 7/21/2016
"In 2014, when the first purpose-built data center interconnect (DCI) platform debuted, the DCI market was growing at 16% per year, only slightly faster than overall data center infrastructure networking market, according to Ovum’s March 2016 "DCI Market Share Report." The new system addressed pent-up demand for a server-like optical platform designed specifically for DCI. Since then, sales of purpose-built, small form factor DCI products have taken off, growing at a 50-100% clip, depending on analysts’ forecasts, and projected to outpace the overall data center growth rate for the next several years."
Capacity Media, 7/15/2016
"Infinera has joined the Telecom Infra Project, an engineering initiative launched recently by Facebook and Deutsche Telekom. Infinera, a provider of intelligent transport networks, has joined the Telecom Infra Project (TIP). TIP is an engineering-focused initiative driven by operators, infrastructure providers, systems integrators, and other technology companies aiming to reinvent the traditional approach to building and deploying telecom network infrastructure."
Telecompaper, 7/14/2016
"Infinera, a provider of Intelligent Transport Networks, joined the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) to help accelerate the pace of innovation in telecommunications infrastructure. Co-founded by Facebook and operators such as Deutsche Telekom and SK Telecom, TIP is an engineering-focused initiative driven by operators, infrastructure providers, systems integrators, and other technology companies that aim to re-imagine the traditional approach to building and deploying telecom network infrastructure."