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Broadband World News, 6/11/2018
"Infinera’s Jay Gill Principal Manager, Cloud & SDN Marketing, argues that significant benefits can be gained from a disaggregation of transponders; 'though many existing line systems are not fully open and some operational challenges remain to be addressed.' He says, 'the most advanced network operators, including some ICPs, are already deploying open networks based on this concept and we see it spreading rapidly to other network operators because of the significant benefits to be gained.'"


Light Reading, 3/20/2018
"Infinera launched its new Infinite Capacity Engine, ICE5. Infinera's Jay Gill explains why the time is right for ICE5 and how it will help network operators solve their capacity scaling challenges. Plus, he'll give us a sneak preview of Infinera's next generation, ICE6."
Gazettabyte, 3/15/2018
"Infinera’s newest Infinite Capacity Engine 5 (ICE5) doubles capacity to 2.4 terabits.[...]The ICE5 is targeted at data centre interconnect and applications where fibre in being added towards the network edge. The next-generation access network of cable operators is one such example. Another is mobile operators deploying fibre in preparation for 5G."
Light Reading, 3/12/2018
"The ICE was first unveiled in early 2016, so ICE5 comes 24 months later and ICE6 is being targeted for early 2020, and that's an R&D cycle that's much faster than the optical norm, according to David Heard, general manager of products and solutions at Infinera. "We said we would reduce the cadence of our product development and we've done that -- we are now at 24-month cycles, down significantly from five-year cycles."
Capacity Media, 3/12/2018
"Infinera has announced what it calls the first optical device to work at 2.4Tbps, promising improved performance for cloud and deep fibre networks. The unit will carry data at 400Gbps per wavelength for distances of up to 1,400km, said Geoff Bennett, the company’s director of solutions and technology. Over shorter distances, connecting data centres, it will work at 600Gbps per wavelength, he added."


Subtel Forum, 11/19/2017
"The cloud market is growing, and the transport network must change from traditional to cloud scale to meet the demands of the data center. Technologies like the multi-channel optical engine and SDN-based software enable the transport network to have scalability and resiliency characteristics like a data center."
ISE Magazine, 11/1/2017
"Wireless operators today face significant challenges as they prepare their networks for the looming re-architecture required to support 5G. The 5G networks of the future promise a range of bold performance targets that will revolutionize the wireless industry as well as many additional industries that will be able to capitalize on new network capabilities."
Fibre Systems, 10/27/2017
"Infinera has set two industry milestones for advanced coherent technologies that take the capacity of optical transport networks to the next level: 100Gbaud transmission and 1024-QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation)."
Telecom Ramblings, 10/27/2017
"In the past few years, ICPs have become a major driving force behind setting new benchmarks in network efficiency and economics.... This article describes the areas in which ICPs have significantly influenced the telecom industry to create a new approach to planning, building and operating networks for improved end-user experiences."
LightReading, 10/20/2017
"Sten Nordell, CTO of the Metro Business Group at Infinera, and Ray LeMaistre, International Group Editor of Light Reading, discuss the latest developments in Infinera's Xceed Software Suite and its Layer 1 and Layer 2 applications."