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Infinite Capacity Engine

The World's Most Advanced Optical Engine

Infinera's Infinite Capacity Engine (ICE) optical engine combines our in-house-developed, industry-leading FlexCoherent® digital signal processor (DSP) with our revolutionary optical front end based on highly integrated and ultra-compact photonic integrated circuit technology. With industry-leading vertical integration, ICE provides superior optical performance that enables network operators to transmit more information over greater distances with world-record-setting spectral efficiency.

This unique technology also provides the basis for our Instant Bandwidth solution, which enables service activation with the click of a mouse, dramatically reducing operational effort, accelerating time to revenue, and eliminating many of the challenges associated with network planning and forecasting.


Indium phosphide (InP)​

InP-based photonics integrate hundreds of advanced optical functions to deliver up to 800G per wavelength​.

Efficient performance​

Enabling more capacity and longer reach while reducing cost and power consumption​.


Efficient super-channels reduce fiber complexity while increasing fiber efficiency​.

Wavelength locker

Pack wavelengths tightly and reliably to maximize spectral efficiency.​

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