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Point-to-multipoint coherent pluggable transceivers


Leveraging innovative XR optics technology, Infinera’s suite of vertically integrated ICE-XR coherent pluggable transcievers offer network operators the performance, scale, and efficiency critical to delivering differentiated 5G, enhanced broadband, and next-generation cloud and business services. ICE-XR pluggables support a range of transport rates, including 100G, 400G, and 800G, and utilize industry-standard form factors such as QSFP-28, QSFP-DD, and CFP2 to enable ease of deployment in a wide variety of router and transport devices.

Image of flexible subcarrier-based suite of coherent pluggable optical solutions, describing point-to-point operation and point-to-multipoint operation

ICE-XR builds on Infinera’s history of delivering innovative, highly differentiated, and vertically integrated coherent optical engines. By supporting both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations on the same coherent pluggable transceiver, ICE-XR enables network operators to enhance deployment flexibility and reduce sparing costs. When used in point-to-point applications, ICE-XR enables seamless generational upgrades, enhanced performance in capacity and reach, and provides the ability to utilize pay-as-you-grow service activation. In point-to-multipoint applications, ICE-XR reduces the total number of transceivers in their networks by 50% or more and simplify network architectures by eliminating electrical aggregation points and driving down capital expense and operational complexity.

ICE-XR subcarrier image showing three types of coherent pluggable transceivers: 100-G (with 4 subcarriers), 400-G (with 16 subcarriers), and 800-G (with 32 subcarriers)

Infinera is a founding member of the Open XR Forum, which fosters collaboration between its members imageto facilitate the adoption and accelerate the growth of network architectures leveraging point-to-multipoint coherent pluggable transceivers. Open XR Forum members work to ensure the products and services developed align with existing standards and operational models by driving the standardization of network interfaces and electro-mechanical hardware interfaces, demonstrating interoperability, establishing multi-sourcing potential, and developing and publishing new specifications as needed.

Coherent Pluggable Highlights

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Simplify transport networks

Leverage coherent subcarrier aggregation and efficiently optimize aggregation networks for point-to-multipoint traffic patterns

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Reduce capital, space, and power

Use a single high-speed transceiver to simultaneously send and receive independent data streams to/from numerous low-speed transceivers

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Eliminate intermediate aggregation

Eliminate costly optical-electrical-optical network elements like switches and routers required to “up-speed” lower-speed traffic

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Seamlessly upgrade capacity

With programmable software control, seamlessly upgrade transmission speeds between hub and spoke locations as demands evolve

Solution Brief

Overview of XR Optics

XR optics introduces a paradigm-shifting ability to enable more cost-efficient optical point-to-multipoint networks, which can dramatically lower the cost and complexity of access, metro, and even core networks.

XR Optics Solution Brief

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