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Cognitive Networking for Optical Transport Networks

Increase Service Velocity While Driving Down Cost and Complexity

Network automation continues to be a priority for most optical transport network operators. Whether the goal is to reduce operational costs, increase network efficiency, manage disaggregated networks, or accelerate service activation, automation is becoming increasingly critical. However, the complexity of most vendors' solutions can be an impediment to successful implementation.

Infinera has developed an innovative, practical approach to automation with our Transcend Software Suite. With a modular application-based approach focused on solving specific real-world problems, our solution enables optical transport network operators to take an easily implementable incremental approach to network automation.


Modular app-based approach

Compact discrete software applications are easy to deploy without massive infrastructure changes.

Solving real-world problems

Focused on achieving specific objectives rather than completely restructuring operational processes.

Unique value-add applications

Including Auto-Lambda, Instant Bandwidth, Aware, ADAPT, CORE PCE, and vASON.

Multi-layer, multi-vendor service automation

With real-time service visualization, accelerate service activation and improve network efficiency.


“Verizon has always been relentless when it comes to technology innovation. We are able to simplify network operations and reduce costs through virtualization and automation. This is one example.”

Director of Network Infrastructure Planning

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