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Advanced Coherent Toolkit

More Capacity, Greater Reach, Lower TCO

Critical to breaking the world record in spectral efficiency, Infinera’s Advanced Coherent Toolkit (ACT) optimizes fiber usage through granular spectrum control, flexible baud rate, SD-FEC gain sharing, modulation, and a host of other functions that enable operators to operate wavelengths at higher speeds over longer distances. The result is an overall lower total cost of ownership, as each optical interface provides more bandwidth and requires fewer regeneration points, and a solution that maximizes the total capacity of every fiber.


World record

6.21 bits per second per hertz over 6,644 kilometers for a total of 26.2 Tb/s.

SD-FEC gain sharing

Compensate for fiber imperfections by redistributing power across multiple carriers​.

Probabilistic constellation shaping

Second-generation PCS creates longer-reaching, more resilient 800G waves​.

Multi-laser wavelength locker ​

Pack wavelengths tightly and reliably to maximize spectral efficiency.​

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