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600G Generation Coherent Technology

Improve Your Optical Network Economics Now

Following multiple previous coherent technology evolutions, 600G generation coherent technology has emerged with higher baud rates and higher order modulation, enabling both 600 Gb/s wavelengths and significant improvements in terms of cost per bit, transport for 400 GbE services, power consumption, fiber capacity, and footprint. And unlike other coherent technology evolutions such as 800G generation coherent and 400ZR/ZR+, it is available in volume now, ready for immediate testing, integration and deployment.


Cost per Bit

With baud rate tuneability to 72 Gbaud, the Groove (GX) G30 CHM2T sled can deliver industry-leading capacity-reach – 600 Gb/s wavelengths to 150+ km, 400 Gb/s to 2,000+ km, and 200 Gb/s to 7,500+ km –delivering a reduction in cost per bit of up to 40%.

400 GbE Transport

The GX G30 CHM2T can transport 400 GbE cost-effectively, with 3 x 400 GbE over two 600G wavelengths in the metro, 400 GbE over a single 400G wavelength to 2,000+km, and, leveraging its dual-wavelength DSP, 400 GbE over two 200G wavelengths to 7,500+ km.

Power and Footprint

Leveraging a 16-nm dual-wavelength DSP, a GX G30 with two CHM2Ts operating at 600 Gb/s per wavelength can deliver 0.2 W per Gb/s, less than half the power consumption of earlier coherent generations. It also delivers significant space savings, with 24 x 100 GbE and 2.4 Tb/s coherent line capacity in 1RU.

Fiber Capacity

Higher order modulation enables up to 38.4 Tb/s per fiber pair with PM-64QAM or 32 Tb/s with PM-32QAM. Hybrid modulation, which provides the ability to mix different QAM symbols in the time domain, also enables increased spectral efficiency over a wide range of reach requirements.

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