Infonetics Ranks Infinera as #1 Optical Vendor Globally

March 31, 2014

Mike_Capuano_VP-Corporate-MarketingBy Mike Capuano

Vice President, Corporate Marketing

In a recent objective ranking, including input from some of the world’s largest service providers, Infinera was named as the top optical equipment vendor in the world.  We didn’t pay for this survey, and in fact we just learned about it last week when Infonetics Research called us to let us know they were about to publish. This was a completely independent survey by Infonetics, one of the most well-known and respected analyst firms in the telecom industry.

The “Optical Network Hardware Vendor Scorecard” is an annual ranking analysis where Infonetics rates optical vendors on seven key metrics, including: market share, market share momentum, financial stability, packet-optical intensity and direct input from a service provider survey on technology innovation, product reliability, and service and support.

“Infinera is #1 this year as a result of very high ratings among customers for technology innovation, reliability, and service and support,” wrote Andrew Schmitt, Principal Analyst for Optical at Infonetics Research, in this year’s report.

Infonetics Scorecard

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Infinera has delivered highly innovative optical transport technology into the service provider market for ten years. For many readers Infinera is probably an unexpected winner considering that our competitors are multi-national, multi-billion dollar companies that have been selling into this market for a long time, some for more than 50 years. However, what this number one ranking shows is that Infinera’s dedication to technology innovation and focus on delivering the best experience to our customers has been rewarded, and that this approach can trump incumbent vendors who typically depend on pricing and relationships to compete.

Infinera’s focus on technology innovation that delivers value can claim many firsts and milestones including the industry’s first (and still only) large scale photonic integrated circuit, first convergence of DWDM and OTN switching into a single chassis, first (and still only) 500G super-channels, and some of the worlds largest GMPLS deployments.  Infinera is not resting on our laurels – we continue a rapid pace of innovation with multiple announcements in the last few months including an SDN collaboration with Telefonica and a Multi-layer Automation solution that featured the industry’s first super-channel CDC ROADM, first single-card Flexible Grid super-channel and first unified control plane for GMPLS control of layer 1 and layer 0 that is compliant with the IETF’s emerging switched spectrum optical networks (SSON) standard.

Customers are voting with their buying decisions, by the end of 2013, Infinera claimed 131 customers in 71 countries, 42 of those customers for our new DTN-X platform, which had been shipping for six quarters. In fact, while competitors continue to trial super channels, our customers have now deployed over 1 petabit per second of super-channel capacity into production.  Our customers are broad-based as well, with our CEO Tom Fallon communicating in our last earnings call that as of the end of Q4 2013, we had in our customer roster 15 Tier 1s, three of the top four Internet Content Providers, four of the top five cable operators and a significant number of large bandwidth wholesalers with both terrestrial and submarine properties.

There is quite a glow over here at Infinera right now. Once a small company, we have now matured into a tier 1 player in the optical industry, continuing to consistently innovate and deliver customer value, and now making it to the very top of Infonetics  vendor rankings as the number one optical vendor worldwide.

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