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Contact our Technical Assistance Center: From North America: 877-463-5288 -- Outside North America: +1 408-572-5288
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Technical Assistance Center

From incident to resolution a whole lot faster.

When a network incident strikes, our Technical Assistance Center offers the resources you need to resolve it quickly. From dedicated, personalized help to comprehensive online tools and documents, we’re ready to help as soon as you report an incident—so you can protect your investment, and your time.

Comprehensive Case Management

Put one of our senior engineers on the case—Enjoy unmatched personalized support to get your case resolved quickly, including:

  • A highly trained, dedicated engineer to monitor your case from start to finish.
  • Well-defined escalation resources to ensure faster incident resolution.
  • Automated e-mail notifications with incident case information and updates.

Instant Online Access

Anytime, anywhere help and resources—Find and share information 24/7 using our secure web portal and FTP server. This essential online resource gives you:

  • The ability to upload system logs and other files to simplify troubleshooting.
  • The power to create, manage, and even escalate your own incident reports.
  • Software and technical documentation downloads, online training courses, and license expiration dates.

Rapid Simulation and Diagnostics

Troubleshoot in real-time with our network simulation lab—When you’re having a problem, it helps if we can see exactly what you’re seeing. That’s why we use a state-of-the-art simulation lab, which offers:

  • Real-time data exchange from your network to our engineers via secure VPN access.
  • Incident duplication and configuration troubleshooting.

Full Back-office Data Support

Anytime access to mission-critical information—When you need help fast, you shouldn’t have to waste time gathering details and data. To speed our troubleshooting and service response, we maintain a full suite of information, including:

  • Accurate records of your network inventory.
  • Complete details on your network topology.
  • Real-time data on your installed product revisions.