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Contact our Technical Assistance Center: From North America: 877-463-5288 -- Outside North America: +1 408-572-5288
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Spares Management

We warehouse the spares, so you don’t have to.

Owning and managing a full inventory of hardware takes time—and money. That’s why we offer a global Spares Management service, with a complete inventory of network hardware ready to be shipped anywhere, anytime.

You won’t even need to worry about shipping the defective hardware back to us first. Just call our Technical Assistance Center and we’ll make sure you get what you need, as soon as you need it.

Four-Hour Spares Arrival

Rapid dispatch of mission-critical hardware.

In the event of a hardware failure, this 24×7 service can get a replacement module to your site within four hours.

Next Business Day Spares Arrival

Overnight shipping of the hardware you need.

As soon as you notice a hardware failure, call us. We’ll get a replacement module to your site by the next business day.